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Content marketing is not just about blogging. It encompasses all content you create and publish online. The more content you create the more exposure you get. The more content you create the more traffic increases. 

Read more to find 5 ways you can grow your business with content marketing:


content marketing

Strategic Marketing

All your promotions start with a plan. 

Start with your high level marketing plan for the year:

Annual Business Planner: 12 Month Marketing Planner

Then plan your promotions and content - social media, email and blog using quarterly/monthly planners: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4

Learn how to plan and execute:

Use content marketing to gain expert status. If you create an offer, use multiple avenues to promote it. Use your blog, social media, and email to get noticed. Consider sneak peaks, teasers, behind the scenes and more. 

If you create any content, don't just stick to that platform. If you create a blog post, email your subscribers and let them know. Share your blog post on social media. Use content to make an impact. 

Entrepreneurs forget to add this crucial component when creating a marketing plan. Your content marketing doesn't just revolve around promoting offers. Every marketing plan should have a content marketing plan that lets you and your team know which content to publish on your blog, in your emails and and on social media to get more visibility. 

1. Blog More

Create a blog schedule and stick to it. Blog consistently to see more traffic to your website. 

Your own blog is not the only place you can publish to get more exposure. Use LinkedIn and guest blogging. 

2. Nurture Partnerships

Partnerships are a great way to reach new audiences. Consider joint ventures with businesses that offer complimentary products and services to the same audience as yours. Use their blogs and social media accounts to spread the word about you, your products and services. Consider Instagram takeovers, and Twitter chats. You can also create new offers together or offer product bundles and giveaways. 

3. Say Yes to Speaking and Interview Opportunities

Speaking at in-person events or webinars is something that most entrepreneurs don't consider because it's not in their comfort zone but can be very lucrative and bring maximum local exposure. 

Also be open to interviews on podcasts, blogs and YouTube. Get interviewed as often as possible. Consider hosting interviews to not only provide valuable content but to reach new audiences as well. 

4. Use Social Media to the Fullest

What is a content marketing plan without social media?

Not only do you want to promote everything you do on social media you also want to create content specific to social media. Ask your audince to like, share,  follow and engage with you on social media. Use your blog and email to direct your audience to your social media accounts. In addition to custom social media content, you can create exclusive social media offers. 

Don't just broadcast on social media, remember to be social and engage. Answer questions people may have and stay on top of issues that may arise. 

5. Write that Book

Add book publishing to your content marketing plan. Amazon and other platforms make it easier than ever. You can sell your books, offer it for free, or create mini ebooks. Publishing is wide open to you and should be included in your content marketing plan. 

When creating your marketing plan include a comprehensive content marketing plan to ramp up exposure and solidify your expert status. 

Annual Business Planner

12 Month Marketing Planner

Start Planning Your Year Now!

12 Month Marketing Planner

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