46 Ways to Enchant Your Blog

Proven Steps to Use Your Blog to Attract and Generate Clients

Get your blog posts viral ready with this ebook and handy checklist.

2023 Business Planner: 12 Month Marketing Plan

3rd Annual 2023 Marketing Planner

The 12 Month Marketing Plan Success Kit is the million dollar plan to increase clients, leads and sales.

Make this year the biggest ever. Plan your offers and promotions as well as your content marketing.

2023 Business Planer - 12 Month Marketing Plan

Updated for 2023.


Map out your offers, promotions and holidays for the entire year.


Plan your content marketing: blog posts, social media posts and email for the whole year.


(high resolution in PDF format), which includes 95+ pages





Need some inspiration for November? Here are 40+ November social media ideas, holidays & post ideas for content marketing. 

Tips for planning your November 2023 content marketing strategy.

When it comes to annual business planning, most Empowerpreneurs and business owners typically begin the process in the final months of the year or even in January, when the new year has already begun. You really want to start your annual business planning as early as October to get ahead of the game.

When you become a content creator or start creating content for your business a monthly content calendar is a must-do and time saver.

Need some inspiration for October? Here are 40+ October Social media ideas, holidays & post ideas for content marketing.

Tips for planning your October 2023 content marketing strategy.

This fall take a step back and use media less. For the 2022 Fall Challenge I challenge you to find a fall activity. Get back to the things you liked to do as a child, find a new hobby. Take time to be mindful and be active.

Practice these holiday marketing strategies for speakers to make you voice heard in a crowded world. The holiday season is not only a time of joy and celebration but also an incredible opportunity for professional speakers.