46 Ways to Enchant Your Blog

Proven Steps to Use Your Blog to Attract and Generate Clients

Get your blog posts viral ready with this ebook and handy checklist.

2023 Business Planner: 12 Month Marketing Plan

3rd Annual 2023 Marketing Planner

The 12 Month Marketing Plan Success Kit is the million dollar plan to increase clients, leads and sales.

Make this year the biggest ever. Plan your offers and promotions as well as your content marketing.

2023 Business Planer - 12 Month Marketing Plan

Updated for 2023.


Map out your offers, promotions and holidays for the entire year.


Plan your content marketing: blog posts, social media posts and email for the whole year.


(high resolution in PDF format), which includes 95+ pages





Lead generation is a pivotal engine driving growth, sustainability, and success. Lead generation strategies for coaches is the initiation and cultivation of potential clients.

A business rooted in spirituality is driven by something more profound—a higher calling that transcends the ordinary. The transformative power of purpose and mission within your spiritually aligned business are guiding lights that can illuminate your path to success in a way that enriches not just your business, but the lives it touches.

Vlogging has become a popular trend for businesses to promote products and services. Like blogs, vlogs allow you to showcase your expertise, knowledge, and personality, positioning you as an authority in your industry or niche.

Learn how to start a vlog for your business to start engaging with clients and build a loyal audience.

A powerful online presence is crucial for coaches aiming to connect with their audience, showcase expertise, and streamline getting clients. You want to be able to create a coaching website with automated lead generation and online booking.

Your website is where potential clients land, browse, and ultimately decide whether to buy. But if you don't drive website traffic website traffic and sales?  What if your website isn't performing as you hoped? What if it's not driving the traffic and sales you anticipated?

20 April video ideas for your YouTube Channel and Livestreams. April showers bring May flowers, and a good sense of humor can brighten any day. Create entertaining and light-hearted content, perhaps incorporating April Fools' Day pranks, comedic sketches, or funny anecdotes.