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There are planners and there are action takers. Some entrepreneurs want to plan to the very smallest details then find it hard to implement. Other entrepreneurs are always ready to take action and have no time for planning but realize they are inconsistent with their efforts.

The key to creating a marketing plan that works is to create a strategic view of the whole year and map out what do and when to do it.

Here are 4 steps to creating a marketing plan that works:


how to create a marketing plan

Strategic Marketing

All your promotions start with a plan. 

Start with your high level marketing plan for the year:

Annual Business Planner: 12 Month Marketing Planner

Then plan your promotions and content - social media, email and blog using quarterly/monthly planners: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4

Learn how to plan and execute:

1. Plan Ahead

To create a million dollar marketing plan you need to plan in advance. Know what you will be marketing, when and the different ways to get your message across.

It takes a few weeks to get your message out and and multiple touches to get people to respond to your calls to action. This is why it does not work when you publish one blog post. send out one email and post once on social media. The "one and done" approach does not work with marketing.

First decide what your year looks like and what you want to sell. 

  • What services and products to you want to create / promote? 
  • How often do you want to produce a product?
  • How often do you want to promote partners and affiliates?
  • What events do you want to attend and host?
  • What holiday sales do you want to take advantage of?

Use the 2023 Business Planner: 12 Month Marketing Plan to plan ahead. 

2. Marketing Channels

How you get your message across is equally as important as the message. Despite what some experts advocate you can't be everywhere everyday. Research which marketing channels your audience frequents and choose the ones that work for you. 

Create a separate marketing plan for each channel:

  • Affilaite Marketing
  • Authorship
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Events
  • Joint Ventures
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (determine which platforms)
  • Speaking and Interviews
  • Promotions (contests, giveaways, discounts, bundles, etc)

Each marketing channel will need its own plan and will include more than one channel. For instance, a blog post (content marketing) will also use search engine marketing and social media marketing. 

Some of these channels may not feel right to you. Create a marketing plan with the channels that are right for you and lead to your target audience. Marketing with intention goes a long way and marketing with integrity and pride shows. If you are just pushing things because someone tells you they are money makers on channels you are not comfortable or knowledgeable about it shows too.

3. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Growth comes with moving forward and change. 

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This may seem contradictory to step 2 but if what you have always been doing in your marketing is no longer working any more or giving you the growth you want it's time to get out of your comfort zone. I always add one new channel to try every year in my marketing plan. 

Which channel does your target audience flock to that is not a part of your past efforts?

Choose a marketing channel that you may not be as comfortable with, do your research, learn how to use it and get started. You may want to add more interviews, speaking engagements and lives to your marketing plan. You may want to consider adding an affiliate team and sharing the profits to get more exposure and increase sales.

Whatever channels you decide to use add one that will that you have never tried for potential growth and increased sales. 

4. Take Action

This may sound like the simplest step, but I know entrepreneurs that create plans and never execute them. 

While the 2023 Business Planner: 12 Month Marketing Plan is a top level strategic planner that helps you plan what to do and when month-to-month. It can be overwhelming when it comes time to implement and manage all the steps.

To make taking action easier you want to break them down into smaller actionable steps and the quarterly planner is best to help you create action steps that are easy to follow with helpful ideas as well.

The idea is to plan a year at a time with the big picture in focus. Then plan the steps /pathway quarterly and monthly wth focus on the details. 

Use these four steps to create a million dollar marketing plan and get the results you want.

Annual Business Planner

12 Month Marketing Planner

Start Planning Your Year Now!

12 Month Marketing Planner

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