Spiritually Aligned Business


Discover the transformative power of incorporating spirituality into every facet of your business. It's time to rise above the ordinary and embark on a extraordinary path of self-discovery, empowerment, growth, and business success.

Chakra Business Planner

Chakra Business

Balancing the Chakras of Business to Align Your Goals with Your Soul

The Business Chakra Handbook is the perfect business analysis for the spiritual entrepreneur. Want to uplevel your business but don’t know why you are stuck?

The Business Chakra Handbook is designed to help you align your business strategies with the energy centers within you. Harness the power of your chakras for creativity, innovation, and abundance in your entrepreneurial journey.

Spiritual Coach Business Planner

Spiritual Coach Business Planner

From Vision to Reality: How Spirituality Drives Business Success

Unlock your true potential as a spiritual coach with this comprehensive planner. Crafted specifically for spiritual coaches and mentors, this planner is your roadmap to guide your clients towards their spiritual growth. With goal-setting, affirmation pages, and space for session notes, you'll help your clients find their inner light and transform their lives.

Business Awakening

Spiritual Business Awakening

The Spiritual Entrepreneur's Guide to Daily Success

Embark on a profound inner journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. The Spiritual Awakening Planner is a transformative tool that guides you through mindfulness practices, meditation, and self-reflection. It's perfect for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual connection while navigating the challenges of the business world.

Business Manifestation

Business Manifestation Planner

Manifesting Abundance to Transforms Your Business

Manifest success with ease using our Business Manifestation Planner. This planner combines the art of manifestation with practical business strategies. Visualize your goals, set intentions, and take inspired actions to turn your dreams into reality. It's time to attract abundance and prosperity into your business.

Align Spirituality and Success, Trust Your Higher Self

Infuse spirituality into your entrepreneurial journey. Run your business from the foundation of your spiritual beliefs and embrace the divine flow of business growth and success. Get tips and insights on how I designed a spiritually aligned business. 

Life Coach Toolbox

Client Pack

Are you a life coach looking to supercharge your coaching sessions and empower your clients on their journey to personal growth and transformation?

Look no further! The Life Coach Toolbox is your all-in-one solution to help you guide, inspire, and support your clients like never before.

  • Affirmations
  • meditation
  • Breathwork
  • journal
  • Gratitude
  • Workbook

The Life Coach Toolbox includes...

Life Coach Workbook

Life Coach Workbook

Journey Within - The 30-Day Life Coach Journal

Life Coach Journal

Inner Strength Affirmations - 20 Affirmations for Personal Growth

Life Coach Affirmations

Serenity Within - Meditation Guide

Life Coach Meditation

Grateful Heart - 30 Day Gratitude Journal

Life Coach Gratitude Journal

Breath of Change - Breath Work Guide

Life Coach Breath Work

Spiritual Business Tools and Resources

Resources and tools to empower you in your mission to build a thriving, soulful, and purposeful business.

  1. 1
    Holistic Business Coaching
    • Biz Purpose Numerology Reading – VIP Day
    • Biz Strategy Numerology Reading – VIP Day
    • Numerology Business Reading
  2. 2
    My Spiritual Biz Community
    • Spiritual Business Networking Group
    • Online Forum for Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
    • Workshops And Meetups Focused on Conscious Business Practices
  3. 3
    Energy Healing
    • Reiki
    • Crystal Healing
    • Energy Clearing and Balancing
  4. 4
    LOA And Manifestation Tools
    • Vision Boards and Visualization Techniques
    • Law Of Attraction Workshops and Courses
    • Affirmation Cards and Resources
  5. 5
    Personal Wellness and Self-Care
    • Resources For Maintaining Your Own Spiritual and Emotional Well-Being
    • Holistic Health Practitioners
    • Self-Care Routines and Practices
  6. 6
    Meditation Apps
    • Insight Timer
    • Headspace
    • Calm
    • 10% Happier
  7. 7
    Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Tools
    • Mindfulness Courses and Workshops
    • Breathing Exercises and Techniques
    • Yoga And Tai Chi Classes
  8. 8
    E-Commerce Tools
  9. 9
    Retreat And Event Planning
    • Resources For Organizing Spiritual Retreats or Events
    • Venue Booking and Management Tools – Ready Sales Pro
    • Event Marketing and Promotion Strategies
  10. 10
    Content Creation and Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Spiritually Aligned Business Planner?

A Spiritually Aligned Business Planner is a PDF planner that integrates spiritual principles and mindfulness practices into the entrepreneurial journey. It combines traditional planning features with elements that promote personal growth and spiritual alignment in a business context.

How can a Spiritually Aligned Business Planner benefit me?

A Spiritually Aligned Business Planner can help you set and achieve business goals while staying aligned with your spiritual values. It provides tools and prompts for self-reflection, mindfulness, divination, and intention-setting, for a holistic approach to success.

What makes a Spiritually Aligned Business Planner different from a regular planner?

Unlike traditional planners, a Spiritually Aligned Business Planner includes sections and exercises related to spirituality, meditation, affirmations, chakra alignment, manifestation, divination, and more. It's designed to cater to both your professional and personal growth.

Do I need to be a spiritual practitioner to use a Spiritually Aligned Business Planner?

No, anyone can benefit from using a Spiritually Aligned Business Planner, regardless of their level of spirituality or belief system. It's designed to support people in aligning their values and intentions with their business goals.

Can I use a Spiritually Aligned Business Planner for any type of business?

Yes, Spiritually Aligned Business Planners are versatile and can be adapted to various business types, whether you're a coach, consultant, product-based entrepreneur, or service provider. The tools and resources are designed to be flexible and applicable across different industries.

Are there specific sections or exercises in a Spiritually Aligned Business Planner that I should pay attention to?

The sections to focus on will depend on your personal preferences and goals. However, many users find value in the intention-setting pages, the chakra alignment exercises, and the space for affirmations and gratitude. It's recommended to explore all sections to determine what resonates most with you.

Are there any online communities or support groups for users of Spiritually Aligned Business Planners?

Yes, join the Spiritual Biz Community where you share your experiences, tips, and insights related to Spiritually Aligned Business planning. This community is valuable for networking and learning from others on a similar journey.

Are the planners editable?

No, the Spiritually Aligned Business Planners are not editable. They are provided as PDFs for you to print and use as a physical workbook.

Can I resell the Spiritually Aligned Business Planners or give it away for free?

No, you do not have permission to resell the workbook or distribute it for free. The Spiritually Aligned Business Planners are for personal use and should not be shared or sold to clients, customers, or members.

Are the Spiritually Aligned Business Planners PLR (Private Label Rights)?

No, the Spiritually Aligned Business Planners are not available with Private Label Rights. You do not have permission to resell or rebrand them for commercial purposes.

What are the terms of use?

The Spiritually Aligned Business Planners Planners are for personal use only. You can give them to your virtual assistants or team to work on for your business. However, you cannot resell them or give them away for free to others outside of your business.

How do I purchase the Spiritually Aligned Business Planners?

To purchase our Spiritually Aligned Business Planners, simply visit our shop and follow the ordering process. After completing the purchase, you will receive a download link to access the PDFs.

Do you offer refunds for the Spiritually Aligned Business Planners?

No, we do not offer refunds for downloadable products since they can't be returned. Please make sure to review the product description and FAQ section to ensure the Spiritually Aligned Business Planners meet your needs before making a purchase.

Can I print the Spiritually Aligned Business Planners in different sizes or formats?

The Spiritually Aligned Business Planners are designed for letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inches) printing. Any modification to the size or format is not recommended and may result in formatting issues.

How do I know if a Spiritually Aligned Business Planner is right for me?

Consider your personal and business goals, as well as your openness to incorporating spiritual and mindfulness practices into your daily routine. If you value alignment, personal growth, and holistic success, a Spiritually Aligned Business Planner is an excellent fit for you.