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  • Dwainia Grey empowers the Empowerpreneur ™ to use online marketing to successfully reach their preferred client.
  • Dwainia is the author of over 11 books on online marketing.
  • Dwainia is the owner of Awesome Biz Online.
  • Dwainia is the founder of Monarch Girls Academy.
  • Dwainia is a mom.
  • Dwainia is the person you call for online marketing knowledge, advice and support.
Empowerpreneur Dwainia Grey

When Did I Become an Empowerpreneur ™?

As an Empowerpreneur™ it’s hard to exchange your services for money when you want to help as many people as possible. Learn how to be a successful Empowerpreneur ™, an Entrepreneur that makes money while empowering others.

  1. Create Your Awesome Nation™
  2. Become an Authority
  3. Use Your Online Presence to Increase Your Reach and Sell Your Services Online

My Story

As an Empowerpreneur™ I was just not making enough. My services and products were great, had happy clients and referrals. But still struggled. As a marketer that was really tough. I knew all the marketing tips and tricks but was not reaching the level I wanted. It was then I realized I can’t help everyone. I can’t slash prices, I can’t spend hours on the phone or at the coffee shop giving free advice. I had to restructure my business, so
a) I would meet the right people that valued my services
b) continue doing what I love and make better than a decent living

That’s when I

  1. Created programs to attract the right people
  2. Created consulting packages and workshops to start charging based on value not trading time

Part of it was designing my website, branding myself and looking at what I love doing and what I don’t.

The slogan at Awesome Biz Online is to get every business online. Over the last decade plus I have been committed to empowering small businesses to market their business online via custom web design, social media, search engine optimization, reputation management, email marketing and more. In the last two years I have worked more and more with Empowerpreneurs ™ as a consultant, and coach and realized I found my preferred client. It took me 8 years to find the right clients and the right service to be happy, excited and mucho successful in my business.

I realized working with small business and Empowerprenuers many people are still struggling in their business.

The two biggest things I learned in over 17 years working with Entrepreneurs and Empowerpreneurs ™ is that

  1. The only way to market effectively today is by having your Empowerpreneur ™ business online and social media is the “new word of mouth”. To reach the people in your community (local) and spread your message to bigger audience you need to have an effective online marketing strategy.
  2. People are missing the accountability, and someone in their corner to empower, support, encourage and teach them the step-by-step to a successful meaningful business.

Learning how to get clarity in your business and strategic planning is the difference between a business that struggles and a business that is successful: programs were created just for you.

After hosting local workshops on online marketing showing businesses how to use WordPress and use social media in 15 minutes a day I decided to move these courses online via the Death of a Website Course and the Social Media programs.

Coaching Programs and Courses

Death of a Website Course

Does your website shout work with me?
Your Empowerpreneur website should reflect you!
This 6 week online course is for you if you want to brand your website uniquely you and generate leads and sales.
Use your website to start making money.

Social Media Marketing 15 Minutes a Day

Learn how to use social media in 15 minutes a day to build relationships, partnerships and generate leads and sales. This 8 week online course is for you if you want to start using social media effectively and stop wasting time.

Consulting Programs

Empowerpreneur Progress Chat

If you would like to discuss your current Empowerpreneur Business, work in progress or online marketing challenges, you can speak to me (Dwainia Grey) for 15 minutes FREE!
Empowerpreneur Progress Chat



Spend the day one-on-one with Dwainia Grey working on your Online Marketing Strategy.
Pre-work includes an 80-point assessment of your online marketing.
During your Awesome VIP Day you will develop an Online Marketing Strategy and learn how to effectively use SOCIAL MEDIA in 15 minutes a day.
This is not for you if you are not prepared to work hard and not ready to take action NOW!


Awesome Nation Business

Turn your business around in 6 months, with the Awesome Nation Business Program.
Includes a 6 Month Marketing Strategy, Awesome Nation Allure, Awesome Nation Engagement and access to all our programs.
Group and Private
Awesome Nation Business