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Discover how to achieve business goals with divination tools and create your business plan. The foundational pillar of goal setting and business planning aligns the business's objectives with its core values, vision, and purpose. In a spiritually aligned business it's more than just establishing targets or metrics; it's about infusing spiritual principles into the process of setting and achieving these goals.


Setting goals in your business begins with a deep understanding of its purpose and mission. It helps articulate the broader vision and ensures that every goal set contributes to the spiritual essence and greater purpose of the business.

Goal setting in your business involves not only outlining objectives but also imbuing them with intentionality. This energy becomes a driving force behind manifesting those goals into reality.

Encompass holistic success, considering not just financial gains but also the well-being of clients, your team, and the community. Setting goals that encompass various facets like financial prosperity, spiritual growth, and positive impact adopts a more comprehensive definition of success.

Accomplish goals with spiritual principles integrated into daily operations. Whether it's numerology, tarot, meditation, or other practices, these tools can guide decisions and actions, to design a more intuitive and aligned approach to achieving goals.

Goals provide a roadmap for the business, offering a clear direction and guidance. They serve as milestones to track progress and make necessary adjustments in alignment with spiritual values and insights gained through divination tools.

Setting and achieving your business goals can be empowering, both for the business and its stakeholders. It inspires confidence, motivation, and a sense of purpose.

Align business goals with spiritual principles to make more intuitive and holistic decisions. Divination tools like numerology and tarot can offer insights that aid in decision-making, guiding the business towards choices that resonate with its spiritual essence.

Goal setting in your business transcends mere targets; it becomes a sacred process that aligns the business's objectives with its spiritual essence, cultivating a harmonious blend of material success and spiritual growth.

How to Achieve Business Goals with Divination Tools: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot and More

Use Numerology to Achieve Business Goals

Numerology is an ancient practice that ascribes mystical and symbolic meanings to numbers. It operates on the belief that numbers hold inherent vibrations and energies that can offer insights into various aspects of life, including personality traits, relationships, and even business activities.

Numerology plays a significant role in goal setting by providing a framework for understanding the vibrational energies associated with different numbers. This understanding can be applied to set more aligned and harmonious goals within your business.

Personal Numbers: Numerology uses calculations based on an individual's birthdate, name, or other significant numbers to derive personal numbers. These numbers can offer insights into strengths, weaknesses, and life paths, aiding in setting personalized and spiritually aligned goals for business owners and employees.

Business Numbers: Use numerology to calculate your business numbers based on a business start date and business name. These numbers can offer insights into strengths, weaknesses, and business paths, aiding in setting business goals.

Universal Numbers: Beyond personal numbers and business numbers, numerology involves universal numbers that hold broader significance. Use universal to align business objectives with the energies associated with specific numbers, enhancing the resonance and manifestation of your goals.

Numerology provides a unique perspective when making business decisions. By understanding the vibrational qualities of numbers and how they relate to various aspects of a business, numerology can guide decision-making in several ways:

Naming and Branding: Numerology influences the choice of business names, logos, and brand elements to ensure they resonate with the intended energy and purpose. It helps in creating a brand identity that aligns with the spiritual essence of the business.

Timing and Strategy: Numerology offers insights into promising or favorable periods for initiating new projects, launching products, or making significant business decisions. It guides the timing of actions to maximize success and alignment with the business's goals.

Employee and Client Relations: Understanding numerological aspects can enhance communication and relationships within the business. It can guide in team-building efforts by recognizing the compatibility of individuals' energies and creating a better understanding between clients and the business.

Financial and Growth Strategies: Numerology can influence financial decisions and growth strategies by guiding the business towards choices that resonate with its inherent energies. It aids in selecting strategies that align with the business's goals while ensuring sustainable growth.

In essence, numerology serves as a guiding light, offering a unique perspective to align personal and business goals with spiritual energies, fostering harmony, and guiding decision-making processes within a spiritual business framework.

I use numerology as my main divinization tool, but you can also use others. Use tools that work best for you.

Explore Different Divination Methods to Achieve Business Goals

Various divination methods hold rich traditions and insights, offering unique ways to tap into spiritual guidance and intuitive wisdom. Here are a few divination tools and their potential roles in setting and achieving goals in your business:

Use Astrology to Achieve Business Goals

Astrology interprets celestial movements and positions to understand their influence on human affairs. Birth charts, planetary transits, and astrological aspects provide insights into personality traits, strengths, challenges, and optimal timings for various endeavors.

Astrology helps in aligning business goals with cosmic energies. Birth charts of the business's founders or key figures can guide goal setting by revealing favorable paths, strengths to leverage, and potential challenges to address.

Use Tarot to Achieve Business Goals

Tarot involves using a deck of cards with symbolic imagery to gain insights into past, present, and future events. It's a tool for intuitive guidance and self-reflection.

Tarot cards can aid in setting spiritually attuned goals by offering intuitive guidance and insights. Specific spreads or card readings can illuminate aspects of the business that need attention, potential opportunities, and the energies surrounding certain objectives.

Use Runes to Achieve Business Goals

Runes are ancient alphabetic symbols used for divination and guidance. They carry mystical meanings and are often used for seeking advice or understanding complex situations.

Runes offer a direct and concise way to seek guidance on business goals. Drawing runes or casting them can provide straightforward insights or messages related to specific goals, helping in decision-making, and setting intentions.

Use I Ching to Achieve Business Goals

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese divination text. It involves the use of hexagrams formed by yarrow sticks or coins to provide guidance and insights into situations.

The I Ching offers philosophical insights and advice. Using it for goal setting involves contemplating the hexagrams drawn, understanding their meanings, and applying the wisdom gained to align business goals with the flow of energy and change.

5 Ways to Achieve Business Goals with Divination Tools

Use divinity tools to enhance intuition. Divination tools serve as conduits to access intuitive insights and higher wisdom. They complement goal setting by offering guidance that goes beyond rational analysis, tapping into spiritual energies and intuitive understandings.

Use divinity tools for alignment and confirmation. These tools provide a means to confirm or validate decisions and goals. They offer perspectives that help align business objectives with spiritual values and ensure they resonate with the broader energies represented by these divinatory systems.

Use divinity tools to set intention. Using divination tools can help in setting clear intentions for business goals. They assist in understanding the energies at play, focusing intentionality and mindfulness in the goal-setting process.

Use divinity tools for problem solving and decision making. Divination tools offer alternative viewpoints and guidance in times of confusion or indecision. They aid in problem-solving by providing fresh insights and perspectives that align with the spiritual essence of the business.

Divination tools serve as allies, guiding the process of goal setting by offering deeper insights, spiritual alignment, and intuitive wisdom to develop a harmonious and purpose-driven approach to achieving objectives.

1. Achieve Sales Goals with Divination Tools

Aligning sales goals with spiritual principles involves integrating values, intentionality, and intuitive guidance into the sales process. Use your divination tools to achieve sales goals, by incorporating spiritual principles into sales targets, using numerology or other divination tools for sales projections and balancing profit goals with spiritual values.

Align profit goals with ethical standards and the greater purpose of your spiritual business, ensuring that financial success doesn’t compromise integrity.

Make sales decisions mindfully, considering not just financial metrics but also their alignment with the business's vision.

Broaden the definition of success beyond financial metrics. Measure success by the positive impact on clients, the community, and the alignment of sales efforts with your spiritual principles.

Allocate a portion of sales revenue towards charitable causes or initiatives that resonate with the spiritual values of your business. Integrate a giving-back component into sales goals to foster a sense of contribution and purpose.

Incorporate Spiritual Principles into Sales Targets

Infuse sales targets with the core values of your spiritual business. Emphasize honesty, integrity, authenticity, and service to others in your sales approach, ensuring that every sale aligns with these principles.

Set sales targets that go beyond mere financial gains. Consider how each sale contributes to the well-being of clients, how it supports their spiritual growth or offers solutions aligned with their needs.

Prioritize building genuine relationships with clients over transactional sales. Cultivate trust, empathy, and understanding, valuing connections and long-term relationships rather than short-term gains.

Use Numerology, Tarot or Other Divination Tools for Sales Projections

Use numerology to identify auspicious timings or energies for sales campaigns or launches. Consider numerological insights when setting timelines or projecting sales goals for specific periods.

Consider numerological aspects of both your business and potential clients when devising sales strategies. Tailor offerings or approaches based on the numerological compatibility or resonance between your business and the target audience.

Use tarot cards or readings to gain intuitive insights into sales strategies. Conduct readings to understand potential obstacles, strengths to leverage, or approaches that align with the business's spiritual objectives.

Whichever divination tool you prefer you can use it to determine timing, creating offers, or developing sales strategies to increase sales.

By integrating spiritual principles, intuitive guidance from numerology or other divination tools, your sales goals can be aligned with a higher purpose, ethical standards, and a focus on holistic success.

2. Achieve Client Results and Goals with Divination Tools

Client Goals and Achieving Client Results in a Spiritual Business

In your spiritually aligned business understanding and fulfilling client needs go beyond conventional methods. Divination tools and spiritual insights can profoundly impact how client goals are understood and achieved:

Understand Client Needs Through Divination

Use divination tools like tarot, astrology, or numerology to gain intuitive insights into clients' needs, desires, and challenges. Conduct readings or analyses to understand the deeper spiritual aspects influencing their goals.

Empathize with clients by connecting on a deeper level. Listen attentively, observe energies, and use divination to understand their motivations, struggles, and aspirations, fostering a more empathetic and intuitive client-business relationship.

Use divination methods to assess compatibility or alignment between the client's goals and the offerings of your spiritual business. Ensure that the services or products suggested resonate with the client's spiritual path and intentions.

3. Customize Services or Products Based on Divination

Tailor services or products based on spiritual insights obtained through divination. Customize offerings that align with the client's spiritual journey, providing unique solutions or experiences that resonate deeply with their needs.

Infuse spiritual practices or elements into your services or products. Incorporate rituals, healing modalities, or teachings aligned with the client's spiritual goals to enhance the effectiveness and resonance of your offerings.

Offer holistic solutions that address not only the surface-level needs but also the spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of your clients. Create comprehensive approaches that support their overall well-being and spiritual growth.

4. Track and Measure Client Results Using Spiritual Metrics

Develop spiritual metrics or benchmarks to track client progress. Use divination tools or intuitive insights to measure spiritual growth, mindset shifts, or alignment with their intended spiritual path.

Encourage clients to provide feedback regarding their spiritual experiences or transformations. Reflect on these insights to assess the impact of your services or products on their spiritual journey.

While spiritual growth may not always be quantifiable in conventional terms, create methods to measure the qualitative impact. Focus on testimonials, changes in perceptions, or shifts in energies as indicators of success.

Use the feedback and insights gained to continually refine your offerings. Adapt your services or products based on spiritual metrics, aiming to enhance their effectiveness in supporting clients' spiritual evolution.

By leveraging divination tools for understanding client needs, customizing offerings based on spiritual insights, and tracking progress using spiritual metrics, your business can better serve clients on their unique paths while inspiring deep and meaningful transformations aligned with their spiritual goals.

5. Use Divination Tools in Your Marketing

Incorporating spirituality in your marketing involves approaches that resonate with authenticity, spiritual values, and a deeper connection with your audience.

Embrace Authenticity in Your Marketing

Prioritize transparent and honest communication in all marketing materials. Communicate your business's values, mission, and offerings authentically, cultivating trust and credibility with your audience.

Share authentic stories that highlight the spiritual journey of your business, its founders, and/or clients. Use narratives that inspire and connect with the audience on a deeper emotional and spiritual level.

Ensure that branding elements and marketing strategies align with your spiritual principles. From visuals to messaging, maintain consistency and integrity in portraying the spiritual essence of your business.

Leverage Numerology and Divination Tools in Your Marketing Campaigns

Incorporate numerology into marketing strategies by leveraging numerologically significant dates or numbers in campaign launches or promotional activities. Use numbers that resonate with the business's spiritual goals or align with the audience's energies.

Create interactive content involving numerology, tarot readings or other divination tools related to your business or products. Offer free readings, predictions, or insights that engage the audience while subtly promoting your spiritual offerings.

Spiritual marketing strategies centre around authenticity, genuine connection, and resonating with the spiritual values and aspirations of your audience. By incorporating elements like numerology, tarot, and empathetic communication, your business can create marketing campaigns that deeply engage and inspire your target audience.

Create a 12-Month Marketing Plan with Divination Tools

Integrate divination tools into a 12-month marketing plan by using these tools strategically at various stages to gain insights, align strategies, and optimize marketing efforts for your business.

Integrate Divination Tools into Each Marketing Phase

1. Research and Planning Phase

Numerological Analysis: Use numerology to determine promising dates or periods for key marketing launches or campaigns. Align these dates with the vibrational energies that resonate with the business's goals and objectives.

Tarot Insights for Strategy: Conduct tarot readings or spreads to gain insights into the overarching themes or strategies for the upcoming marketing plan. Use the guidance obtained to shape the foundational approach to the marketing initiatives.

2. Campaign Launch and Execution

Numerology for Timing and Momentum: Leverage numerology to time campaign elements like email blasts, social media posts, or product releases. Use numerological insights to ensure campaigns align with favorable periods for enhanced impact.

Tarot-Driven Campaign Direction: Prior to launching campaigns, perform tarot readings or use divination to gain insights into the potential outcomes or energies surrounding the launch. Adjust strategies based on the guidance received to maximize effectiveness.

3. Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Numerological Metrics for Evaluation: Develop numerological metrics to assess campaign performance. Analyze data through a numerological lens, seeking patterns or correlations between specific numbers and campaign success to refine future strategies.

Tarot Reflections for Campaign Evaluation: After campaign periods, use tarot or divination tools to reflect on the success and impact of the campaigns. Gain insights into the lessons learned, strengths to leverage, and areas for improvement based on intuitive guidance.

4. Strategy Adaptation and Refinement

Divination-Informed Strategy Refinement: Use divination tools periodically throughout the year to adapt marketing strategies. Obtain guidance on necessary adjustments, new approaches, or shifts in messaging that align with the evolving energies or spiritual direction of the business.

Align Spiritual Insights: Ensure that the marketing plan remains aligned with the spiritual essence and values of the business. Continuously infuse spiritual principles and divination insights into refining and realigning marketing strategies.

By integrating divination tools into each phase of the 12-month marketing plan, a spiritual business can gain valuable insights, align strategies with cosmic energies, and adapt marketing efforts to resonate more deeply with the audience on a spiritual level, thereby enhancing the effectiveness and alignment of the overall marketing strategy.

Use the 12-Month Marketing Planner

Incorporate these divination tools with the 12-Month Marketing Planner. By integrating spiritual practices into marketing strategies, you align business growth and alignment.

Embrace authenticity, be true to your values, and nurture deeper connections with your audience through spiritual-based marketing.

Trust in intuitive guidance and divination tools to provide deeper insights and supporting decision-making. Be open to the wisdom divination tools can offer your business and marketing success.

The 12-Month Marketing Planner is a tool for empowerment and organization. Get your copy of the 12-Month Marketing Planner to achieve business goals and plan for the year.

You can personalize the 12-month marketing planner by adding your spiritual goals and aspirations. Use the planner, your divination tools the strategies above to plan your year.

Commit to using the 12-Month Marketing Planner consistently throughout the year. consistent planning and execution are key to unlocking the full potential of your business success.

Use the divination tools and marketing strategies, with the 12-Month Marketing Planner to achieve your business goals.

Start a purposeful and spiritually aligned marketing journey for growth and success in your businesses.

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