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Many people think you have to have thousands of subscribers to make money with email or send thousands of emails. How can you promote without being pushy?

You may have felt this way if an email campaign you ran did not get you the results you wanted. That’s not true. Many entrepreneurs and empowerpreneurs make money with small lists and email can become a sustainable income stream. 


You may think that mailing your list more than once a week is too much and you are being pushy. However, marketing is about multiple touches. If you are launching a product or running a campaign the rule of thumb it takes clients 7 times to see item before they buy.

Email marketing is the most effective form of marketing. It allows you to connect with your target market, build relationships, and achieve a closeness that is unheard of with other marketing methods. The problem is people give up too easily, don’t put enough effort into email marketing or make one of these 10 marketing mistakes.

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You can become more effective with your emails if you follow these tips:

Always Include a Clear Call to Action

For each email that you send, you should include one call to action. It doesn’t matter if the call to action is for them to buy something, share something, download something, or sign up for something. Give them a clear call to action. Tell them what you want them to do next, which is click the link, and why they should take your suggestion. 

Keep the number of links to a minimum to 2 or 3. Offer one solution per email. Your audience will get overwhelmed if you give them too many options and they will be unsure of what they should click on.

how to promote without being pushy

Learn to Build the Suspense

Marketing is about multiple touches. That means you start to promote your new product or service. You can do this by letting your list know that something’s coming. 

If you want to promote an affiliate product, you could send an email and say something like, “Hey I’m going to share something with you tomorrow that I’m excited about. Stay tuned for details!” 

If it’s your own product you’ll be promoting, you could tell your list, “I have been working on something new. It’s about (topic) and I’ll share more about it soon.” This keeps your list engaged even when you’re not actively promoting anything.

Send Multiple Emails 

When you’re ready to share your product or someone else’s with your list, don’t just send a single email. Instead, be prepared to send multiple emails. 

Think of the products you’ve purchased to build your business. If you’re like most people, you probably didn’t buy that fancy WordPress theme or join that membership group until you’d heard about it a few times. Your first exposures were all about getting you familiar with the product and understanding how it would improve your life or business. 

It’s the same with your list. Maybe, you can send out a single email and some subscribers might buy. But you’re betting on the fact that they heard about this product previously. If you want to convert more of your subscribers into buyers, you’ll have to introduce them to the product repeatedly.

Have Patience

Don’t be discouraged when your first promotion isn’t as great as you thought it’d be. Customers need time to make decisions, especially if you’re trying to sell a high-ticket item. They may need time to talk to their spouse, move money between credit cards, or ask other customers about the product before clicking on the ‘buy’ button.

Marketing your own product or someone else’s as an affiliate is all about playing the long game. You may not make your first sales immediately so be patient and keep at it. If you’re dedicated and you’re sharing helpful information, your subscribers will eventually buy from you.  

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