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How do you effortlessly increase sales and subscribers? It may be time to step up your marketing strategy. Learn the number one secret to step up your marketing strategy.


Create a Marketing Plan to Step Up Your Marketing Strategy

  • You want to market your products and services easier? 
  • Get more stuff done?
  • Actually see progress?
  • Finally start to  move the bottom line to make your business more profitable?

There is one thing you can do to step up your marketing.

It may seem daunting and overwhelming. You may think you have to make big leaps. But the truth is... the big secret is... Marketing can be easier. 

If you focus on consistency and do something to make progress every single day, you’ll greatly increase your chances of success.

To create consistency with marketing you need a plan. To frequently promote your offers and content you need a plan.

How to Step Up Your Marketing Strategy

Be Consistent in Your Marketing

Think back on the parable of the turtle and the hare. There’s a lot of truth in that old story and it applies to all areas of your life, including your business. 

Sometimes you need to go all out and work longer hours on a new product launch or setting up your website. There is certainly a time and place where you need to put in the hours and the work. However, it shouldn't be your default strategy. Keeping that pace on a regular basis you will eventually burn out. 

Burnout is real and a serious problem. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners have experienced it and it can take a long time to recover. A much better strategy - aside from those brief periods of hustle - is consistency. If you make an effort to get something done every single day, you’ll make a lot of progress in the long run.

You will start to see the results through out the year and your business will grow when you are consistent.  Consistent marketing means consistent profits. When you overdo it, you end up with no energy, no motivation and inconsistent sales.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. It's easier to motivate yourself doing money making activities that take 15 minutes a day than something that will take hours. It's easier to procrastinate when something is hard or takes a long time.

Instead, keep it easy, make it fun, and get into the habit of doing it each and every day. Create a strategic marketing plan and schedule tasks where you can time block and batch.

Creating routines, rituals or habits is one way to be consistent in your business. Take inspired action everyday.You will start to build momentum that will carry you much further.

Shift your mindset towards a focus on consistency that will allow you to continue growing, expanding, and most importantly start moving the needle in the right direction when it comes to your bottom line.

Consistency can help you grow your traffic, your subscribers, your clients, your offers and most importantly your income.

Work on Your Marketing Daily to Step Up Your Marketing Strategy

Create a daily, weekly, and monthly routine that will keep you on track to continue to grow your business. 

All businesses have three main areas that need action and attention: traffic, subscribers and sales.

You need to generate traffic to your website and get visitors to read and engage with your website.

Then you need to convert those visitors into subscribers. Keep growing your list with your lead generation strategy.

Finally, you need to make those subscribers an offer so you can make money. Converting subscribers into buyers is the end goal.

Keep this in mind as you build your routine.

Do something every single day to send more traffic your way:

  • content marketing
  • SEO
  • social media
  • paid ads

1. Generate Traffic

Start by making a master list of things you can do to get more traffic. Pick things you can quickly do and rotate through one or more of them on a daily basis. Things that take a bit longer should become part of your weekly and monthly routine. For example, you may choose to learn how to run Facebook ads this month as one of your bigger projects. 

2. Get More Subscribers

Next, think about what you can do to get more subscribers. Adding an opt-in box to your latest blog post is a quick task that could go on your daily to-do list. Setting up a new opt-in funnel with a fresh lead magnet may make a great weekly project. Writing a book to tap into a new market via Amazon would be more of a project that takes a month or more. Come up with a list of things you can try, tweak, and do more to grow your list consistently.

3. Get More Sales

Lastly, make an offer. This could be something evergreen like crafting a new autoresponder email for your main offer. It could be a daily task of running and tweaking ads. Or it could be a SEO and Pinterest campaign that you work on for a few weeks. Make a list of what you can do to get your offers in front new people everyday. And don’t forget to set aside some time each week to work on the next paid offer as well.

Whether you create a detailed marketing plan or not, the key is to do something every day and create a rock solid marketing routine. Your consistent efforts will start to pay off and you will get more traffic, grow your list by leaps and bounds, and develop a product library that customers will love. Keep at it. Consistency is the key to long-term profit.

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