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Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Learning how to use Pinterest for blogging to promote your website can be your number one traffic source.


Even though Pinterest top categories are travel, health & wellness, home renovation, women’s fashion, beauty, and food & drink, the great thing is that any blog or website can benefit from Pinterest. It's not only about food and fashion. 

With the right Pinterest strategy you can succeed and grow your website traffic with Pinterest. 

Create Awesome Content

With Pinterest marketing you have to put in the work and consistently create awesome content. If you only repin other people’s content, you’re doing your business a disservice because no one is directed to your website. You can find a balance that promotes your content while building engagement and sharing others.

To grow your Pinterest account you need original content to be visible. You need to show your expertise and share your ideas and solutions consistently. Like with other social media platforms you need to show up.  

Of course I am gong to recommend blogging as the most effective way to drive traffic but you can also share your podcast, videos, case studies, etc. The quickest way to be seen on Pinterest is to share your experience and expertise as you educate. Remember people come to Pinterest for answers, solutions, inspiration and ideas. 

  • Pin good, original and relevant content
  • Pin often and consistently so your Pins get seen in your Followers’ feeds
  • Return the favour and follow your Followers
  • Check out your Followers’ Boards and Pins for good content ideas they like
  • Ask questions that are answered in your blog
  • RePin, like and comment on your Followers’ Pins
  • RePin industry leaders, and other great content your Followers will like
Drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest

How to Get Traffic From Pinterest

Pinterest for blogging means blogging frequently and consistently. It won't work if you only publish a blog post every once in a while. 

You also need to take keyword research seriously. It not only benefits your search engine optimization but also benefits your Pinterest marketing. 

Pinterest is a visual search engine that can amplify your reach and drive a lot of traffic to your website.  It’s not just about mass traffic though, according to Pinterest, 84% of pinners use the platform before deciding on buying an item or service. 

Start your Pinterest marketing strategy with keyword research:

  • Make Your Pinboards Visible to Search Engines
  • Include Keywords in your bio
  • Include Keywords in Board Names
  • Use Keywords in your Board Descriptions
  • Keep your most popular boards “Above the Fold”

Pin daily and create Fresh pins.  Create a minimum of 5 pins per a blog. You also want to SEO every blog post and optimize every pin:

  • Use relevant keywords to describe your post
  • Use keywords in your image ‘alt’ tags
  • Use Keywords in Pin Descriptions
  • Use Hashtags
  • Include a call to action

Knowing what your audience wants and using the right keywords will make searching and finding you on Pinterest easier for your audience.

Create a Blog Board On Pinterest

Put work into the boards you create and their titles. You want keyword rich boards that also entice pinners to follow. Boards serve as SEO and organization.

You want to have a mix of brand boards and topic boards.

Brand boards include your blog board, "best of board", product boards etc.

Create and name a board after your blog. Use your blog title as your blog board title. This makes your blog post pins easy to find. 

You also want to create topic boards. I find it easiest to replicate my blog categories to start. Use these boards as

  • Places to put pins you save from other people.
  • More places to put your own pins.

Always post to the most relevant Pinterest board first.

  • Which board has the best title and description to fit this piece of content?
  • What other content is related to this new pin?

Pin to other relevant boards at intervals. Tailwind is a good tool for scheduling posts at intervals.

You also want to pin to Group Boards and Tailwind Communities.

Tailwind Communities is included with your subscription to Tailwind. You are allowed to join up to 5 Tailwind Communities (you can pay for more, but most people don’t). You need to make the most of the Tailwind Communities you join since it is limited.  You want to join communities that are active, fit your niche, and have a good repin rate. Keep in mind you are also limited in how many pins you can share in a community and Tailwind only allows you max 30 pins a month to All of your communities in the Free and Pro plans (6 pins a month unless you pay for more). 

Optimize Your Blog for Pinterest

There are many bloggers that just spew out content and it does not translate into sales. If you get traffic from Pinterest, and it’s not translating into sales or leads you need to optimize your blog for conversion:

  • Does every page on your website have a specific goal?
  • Do you have one main call-to-action per page?
  • Do you have a system for capturing leads?
  • Have you installed opt-in forms in optimal places?
  • Are you making it easy for your audience to book your services?

When it comes to traffic, it takes a lot less than you think to grow your business. You don’t need 10K page views to grow your list with preferred clients. Even if Pinterest currently sends 5 people to your website every day, you can do your best to optimize your website for conversions and still get regular signups.

Grow Your List with Pinterest

Use a lead magnet that solves one specific problem for a specific person. Be sure when creating a lead magnet for Pinterest you have your target audience in mind and create the freebie/opt-in to the answer they are looking for. Consider if your audience prefers a checklist or an e-book? 

Send them to a landing page created just for that lead magnet pin. Your landing page should match the pin (branding) and deliver on the objectives to persuade and attract. 

I have realized that third-party landing page builders are not customizable enough, leaving your landing pages looking different than the rest of your website. I use Thrive Leads to create the perfect landing pages that convert. 

Maintain brand consistency with your pin and the landing page:

  • Use similar page structure and layouts
  • Have custom fonts on your website? Use them on the landing page as well
  • Color scheme (color increases brand recognition by up to 80%)
  • Use your own domain

The landing page is not the only page where you can get visitors to sign up. Utilize content upgrades in your blog posts.

Use Pinterest Analytics

Learn how to use Pinterest Analytics to build a better blog.

You want to know which of your pins generate the most traffic from Pinterest.

You can then duplicate success when you know what pin types and pin topics send the most traffic to your website. You will be able to plan your content and design better pins. 

You want to know which of your pins are the most engaging.

Knowing engagement will also help with content planning and and designing your pins. The more engagement you get the more distribution you get. 

You want to know your top boards. 

Pinterest boards are essential to your Pinterest marketing. Knowing which boards to keep posting to on a consistent basis will boost your engagement - clicks and saves among your target audience and you will also know what your audience is looking for. 

Start using Pinterest for your blogging today and generating more traffic, leads and sales.

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