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Often neglected but very effective your blog can be a ginormous part of your book launch. 

For a winning marketing campaign your book launch starts well before the date of release. Learn how blogging for authors can help you launch your next book.


Step 1 - Blogging for Authors - Preview Your Book in the Pre-Launch

Most bestsellers will tell you that the book launch starts well before the launch date. The most successful authors start marketing their book as soon as they have the topic ready even before a word is written. 

Use your blog to start talking about what you are working on and give your visitors a behind the scenes look.

Create a whole blog series around writing the book:

1. Blog about the writing process

2. Announce the next stages:

  • book cover - show cover options (get engagement by asking visitors to vote)
  • editing
  • hurdles and/or milestones
  • publishing

3. Give sneak peaks

  • share the first chapter (possibly as an opt-in)
  • share the excerpt or synopsis
  • share the book cover and back cover photos

When blogging for authors, add lots of pictures and share on social media as well.

These pre-launch posts will get visitors to anticipate your book and be ready to buy. 

blog to launch your book

Authors Should Guest Blog to Promote the Book Launch

Around the time leading up to the book launch you want to get on as many blogs as possible and talk about your book topic. Paid ads work but free organic marketing with guest blogging is definitely sweeter even though it may take a bit more work. 

Have a plan for guest blog posting. First create a list of blogs that reach your target audience.  Then reach out as early as possible to get featured.

HOT TIP 1: Have the guest blog post direct people to a valuable opt-in. Start growing your list right away.

HOT TIP 2: In addition to guest blogging reach out to book reviewers as well to get featured.

Send out Author Review Copies (ARC) to bloggers, reviewers and influencers

When blogging for authors, here is another one that authors neglect. Use other peoples audiences to sell books. You can send out ARC or actual copies of your book to get reviewed to coincide with the book launch.

Being featured on other blogs whether guest posting or being reviewed is a long-term strategy as you will continue to reap the rewards for years to come from back links.

Most authors want to push for a big launch but you can guest post, solicit reviews and get featured on podcasts months after you launch your book. The marketing doesn't end after the book launch.

Step 2 - Blogging for Authors - Week of The Book Launch 

Of course you are going to announce the book launch with a blog post. This is where you can add a giveaway or a contest. You can also add a book trailer. Include a free chapter as an opt-in. 

Brag about your book. Toot your horn and get readers. When blogging for authors you want to let not only you loyal fans know about your new book but also attract new readers. 

Step 3 - Blogging for Authors - Review Your Launch in the Post-Launch

I love reading writers wrap up post launch blog post. This is where they break down their marketing efforts and talk about sales. 

do an awesome job with this. They take blogging for authors to another level. 

You can showcase what worked and what didn't work. You can also shout out to the people that helped you promote your book.

Step 3 - Blogging for Authors - Review Your Book in the Post-Post-Launch

The final stage of using your blog to promote your book is to create a blog series around each chapter. Write a 1,500 - 2,000 word blog post giving a taste of each chapter with a call to action to buy the book.

Don't forget to promote each blog post on social media. Use Pinterest to promote your blog posts. 

Make your launch easier by using Later to schedule your social media posts. 

Here are 6 ways you can use your blog to help launch your book. Make your blog a part of your book marketing plan. 

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