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If you just started writing you may find it difficult to come up with blog post ideas and write consistently. As a new blogger it can be hard to stay motivated if you don't see the results as quickly as you would like. Learn to blog consistently to increase traffic, subscribers and sales.

If you have been blogging for awhile you may find it hard to keep the momentum going all the time.


Whether you are a new blogger a or long time blogger you do know the benefits of maintaining your blog and writing consistently or you wouldn't be reading this post.

Fresh and frequent content is awesome for your readers and search engines. You will eventually reap the benefits from both when you blog consistently.

Blog Consistently to Get Organic Traffic

Who doesn't want free traffic? 

Search engines work to deliver the best results to their customers and at the end of the day you want that to be your content. Every bloggers dream is to make it to the first page of Google because people usually don't go past the first two pages of Google when they search. 

When you blog regularly you're showing search engines you are a up to date and relevant. Your post is not outdated and your blog is fresh. Search engines will reward you and give you higher priority over dormant websites. 

How many times have you searched for something and the most relevant post is from 2016 or earlier? Do you trust the information? Or do you think it's too old?

There are many other factors that go into search engine ranking but blogging consistently is one of the easiest ways to start improving your SEO.

Start to blog consistently to see results. 

how to blog consistently even when you don't want to

Blog Consistently to Gain Loyal Readers

Readers love updated blogs too. Blog consistently to get readers coming back for more. 

If you are blogging right visitors will stay on your website longer and browse around, they will bookmark or Pin your website for later, and hopefully they will come back and subscribe.

When you update your blog consistently you are training your visitors to come back for more. You want visitors to get into the habit of visiting and reading your blog often. 

Not everyone who visits your blog will return but there will be some that like what you are doing and find your content valuable. That's a good thing, you want those that are your preferred clients and are really interested in what you have to share. 

Publishing regularly and encouraging engagement will move visitors to closer to becoming subscribers and eventually clients. 

The other benefit of blogging frequently and consistently is attracting new visitors via search engines, social media and others sharing your content. You can use your blog to grow your business.

Here is my process for blogging consistency.

1. Review Your Blog Schedule

Are you writing your blog posts at the most optimal time? I know I am more productive and creative in the morning so I write in the morning. I also schedule it in. I use time blocking to write blog posts where I only focus on writing and nothing else 2 days a week. So from 8am - noon Monday and Wednesday blogging and I have a date. 

I make writing a priority and that's why it's on the weekly schedule. If you want people to take your blog seriously you need to as well and make it a priority. 

Here are ways Neil Patel blogs consistently.

2. Write Your Blog Posts Ahead

The next step that I incorporate in my blogging strategy is batching. I try to write at least 5 blog posts at a time. Sometimes I end up only working on one epic post during my 4 hours but that's ok too. That means I have a nice 3,000 - 5,000 word post that search engines will love. 

I not only batch my writing but I also batch the editing and creating the images for the posts. I write the posts one week then edit and create social media images with Canva the next week.

Batching means I have posts ready to publish even if I didn't write that week. Batching makes it easy to blog consistently.

3. Save Time and Use Blog Templates

It now takes me less than an hour to create my blog post images. I create images for my website and social media using Canva.  I create at least 10 images for Pinterest and images for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

Switching to Canva and using templates has made content creation must easier. 

Templates save time and increases your productivity when you want to blog consistently.

4. Use a Blog Checklist

I also use a blog checklist when I write my posts. This way I don't forget to optimize my post for SEO and I make sure I am on top of scheduling. 

I also batch schedule to social media and the blog checklist ensures that I don't miss any platform. 

The checklist is also a reminder to update old blog posts and add new links to the newer posts. 

A blog checklist not only allows you to blog consistently it brings cohesiveness to your blog. 

5. Write Blog Post Ideas Down

I don't know about you but I get blog ideas in the weirdest places - when I'm about to shower or just laid down to go to sleep. So I keep a notebook close by or use the Notes App on my phone to jot down ideas. 

I also find blog post inspiration in other places 

  • Scrolling through Pinterest
  • Questions in Facebook Groups
  • Reading the comments on other blog posts
  • While updating old blog posts
  • Skimming emails for FAQs
  • When creating new Workbooks
  • Reading 3- and 4- star reviews about books in your niche on Amazon

Keeping a notebook or using an App is a great way to keep a well of ideas at the ready.

6. Plan Your Blog Posts

The final and most crucial step in blog creation is planning your blog posts. I use the Quarterly Content Planners to plan 3 months ahead. When I sit down to write I know exactly what I'm writing about. 

I also use the Blog Planner to strategize and blog consistently. 

What is your plan for blogging consistently?

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Blog Planner

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