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This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.

After creating your blog post, the next step is to promote your blog post. No one ever said blogging is easy. A lot of sweat, maybe some tears go into writing and promoting your blog.

If anyone tells you write and they will come, run in the other direction. Your blog will not succeed if you don't promote it.

If you want to make money blogging you need to promote your blog and the easiest way is to have a process for writing and a process for promoting your blog. 

Here are the steps I use for promoting three blogs.


Use Keyword Research to Promote Your Blog Post

Promoting your epic blog posts starts before you write it. 

It starts with keyword research. Start off with researching your topic. Become an expert. For this blog series I researched what would people look for when they want to learn about blogging. 

  • How to Start a Blog
  • How Often to Blog
  • What to Blog About
  • etc...

As I do my research I break the topics down into two lists: subtopic and blog topics. I normally want 5-8 blog posts in a series. Some of the topics are slated for sub-titles and maybe further expanded in it's own blog post.

Once I have 5-8 blog topics for my series I outline my blog posts having 3-7 sub-titles. My sub-titles are planned to take advantage of SEO using the same terms people use to search.

I then write my blog posts making SEO a priority. As I write I think of not only optimizing for keywords but linking the series to each other as well as older blog posts (internal linking). Once I complete my first draft I leave it for 3-5 days, then come back and edit. At this point I will add my external links and/or resources I use. 

How to Promote Your Blog Post

Optimize Blog Post for SEO

I practice on-page SEO and use get the green light from the Yoast plug-in. 

  • Use keywords the right way and in the right places - no keyword stuffing
  • Optimize any images I use
  • Link internally and externally

I ensure that the post is properly optimized before I move on to the next step.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog Post

After editing the blog post the next step is to create images for the post and social media. 

I know it takes awhile for Google to index so I make a big push on social media in the first week of publishing. 

Always promote your blog post on social media.

I create 5-10 posts for Pinterest with Canva using the title and sub-titles for each post. After I publish the post I use Tailwind to schedule on Pinterest. 

Next I create a post for Facebook and Twitter and optimize the image for both. These posts are also scheduled. Twitter goes out numerous times the first day and Facebook goes out once. Then I schedule Facebook and Twitter weekly during the first month then monthly after. 

I also create a series of posts for Instagram:

  • blog announcement post
  • carousel post
  • Instagram Stories post (also used on Facebook Stories)

I plan to start adding Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts and Tik Tok videos in the coming months. 

Here are additional ways you can promote your blog post read: The Uncensored Guide to Promoting a Blog Post by Neil Patel

Grow Your Email List with Every Blog Post

The next step before I publish is to create a content upgrade. I try to create an upgrade that not only people want but also generic enough that I can use for the whole series. This is where keyword research also comes into play.

The content upgrade is inserted into the posts using Thrive Leads. (Read my review on Thrive Leads)

I use a combination of in-content, pop-ups, and the sidebar widget area to direct visitors to my opt-ins. You can see it at work in this post.   

Every visitor has a chance to get an awesome download and I grow my email list. 

I also share my content with my email list and keep them updated and engaged with new posts.

Pull the Trigger and Publish Your Blog Post

Finally, the post is ready to be published. I then schedule my blog post series. I publish weekly so the blog post series is spread out over the next 5-8 weeks.

Use Engagement to Promote Your  Blog Post

I solicit feedback on every post to encourage engagement. I want to hear from readers and I also want readers to value my content and keep coming back.

To ensure I get the feedback coming and show my respect to my readers I also reply to comments promptly.

Read more on how to increase blog engagement.

Use Analytics to Promote Your Blog Post Better

The last step is metrics. I do check each post for traffic and subscribers weekly. I also pencil in a review for 6 months later to update the post if required. 

I also use the analytics to see which posts are performing the best and how I can repeat that success. I focus on traffic and engagement. Read Quick and Easy Website Analysis for a more in-depth and step by step walk through.

These are the steps I use to keep this blog fresh and updated.
What is your blogging process?

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