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If you want visitors to stay longer on your website you will need to increase engagement on your blog.

In How to Promote Your Blog Post I spoke about how SEO / keyword research is important for promoting blog posts, it's just as important when you want to increase engagement.

Using Quora and Facebook groups to learn the top questions pertaining to your topic. Will help you find topics that will increase engagement. 


Reader engagement is also important for Search Engine Ranking. Google checks every single activity that you do on your blog. 

When a reader shares your posts on social media platforms or posts a comment on your post it works towards your search engine ranking and will help bring more traffic to your blog.

Increase engagement on your blog

1. Make Your Blog Engagement Ready to Increase Engagement on Your Blog

Know the objective of your blog post. If it's to drive engagement you need to decide if you want shares, comments or links. 

Make Your Blog Shareable

If you want shares, make it easy to share.

Ask for Comments to Increase Engagement on Your blog

The other way to spark engagement is to ask for comments. Solicit feedback or ask a specific question at the end of the blog post. A great conversation opener on your blog or social media is to ask "what did I miss?". People love to add their two cents.  

Keep Readers On Your Blog Longer 

Use internal linking to keep readers on your blog longer and increases the page views of a single visitor and lower bounce rate.

Display related posts at the end of your post to keep your readers engaged. After reading your content they may search for related information in the search engine.

Make sure that you display relevant and related articles.

Increase Blog Page Speed

Not only does page speed matter to your visitors it also impacts your ranking with Google. 

Readers won't wait 20 seconds for your page to load. A slow page load also increases your bounce rate. Google won't make your page a priority if it takes long to load either and high bounce rates don't signals a bad website. 

Try to improve your website speed to 1-2 seconds. It will not only increase engagement but your traffic and ranking as well.

2. Write Blog Posts for Engagement

To get more links to your blog post - write epic content. 

Here are the top 3 posts types for engagement:

  • Step by Step Blog Post
  • Take a Stand Blog Post
  • Controversial Blog Post

Step by Step Blog Posts for Blog Engagement

In my opinion step by step posts have the most engagement. As the reader completes each step they may have questions or comments. 

After writing each step asking for feedback is one way to increase engagement. You can also use click to tweet throughout your post. 

Simply asking vistors in a call to action on the blog for feedback or to share - can and will increase engagement.

Click to Tweet

Providing valuable information makes it easier to share but the mistake I see a lot of people make is not asking. Simply asking in a call to action on the post for feedback, to share, Pin for later, etc can and will increase engagement.

Here are 14 Trigger Words That’ll Ignite Engagement in Your Blog Posts by Neil Patel.

Take a Stand to Increase Engagement on Your Blog

The other post that increases engagement is when you take a stand. Take any issue in your niche and write an opinion piece where you draw the line. Show your conviction. 

It really doesn't have to be a big issue or political. It could easily be you taking a stand for pineapple on pizza (which I love) or anchovy on pizza (which I also love but not together).

Two stands I take are Pinterest is a traffic generator and blogging isn't dead. In the last six months i have set out to prove it and see the results in my traffic, subscribers and sales. 

Be Controversial 

The last blog engagement is controversy. Yup, I said it. Take making a stand to another level and post about an unpopular opinion. Let people know why you don't agree with mainstream. This is always a quick way to go viral and increase engagement on your blog. 

3. Respond to Comments 

If someone takes the time to comment the least you can do is reply. When people see the blog owner or blog author respond to comments they are more likely to come back and keep engaging.

You can get to know your readers better and build your community.

4. Make Your Blog Interactive to Increase Engagement on Your Blog

A fun way to get people engaged on your blog is to add a quiz. I add quizzes with Thrive Quiz. (Read my review on Thrive Quiz)

You can also add polls, surveys and a chat box to make your blog more interactive.

5. Measure Blog Engagement with Increased Subscribers

Engagement is just not about shares, comments and links it's also about getting repeat visitors. 

For a lot of blogs, around 75% of visitors will never return.

Use your blog to quickly build your email list of subscribers that you can keep engaged and use blog post announcements to get them to read new blog posts.

I use Thrive Leads to add content upgrades, pop-ups, and other forms to my blog posts to build subscribers. (Read my review on Thrive Leads)

6. Use Social Media to Get Engagement

When you promote your blog post on social media add a call to action to read full post on your blog. You can also get followers engaged before they come to your website

  • Use questions from the post to create a yes or no response in your Instagram Stories
  • Create a poll in Facebook groups and on your Instagram and Facebook Stories

Start using these 6 ways to increase engagement. on your blog 

Comment below your favorite way to increase blog engagement.

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