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Social media is still a great tool to increase visibility, traffic, engagement and build brand recognition. The best way to master social media is to have a social media strategy. 

You can use social media to promote your blog, attract new visitors and drive traffic. 


Here are 5 Hacks to Boost Your Blog Post’s Social Shares to get readers to promote your blog on social media.

The key to using social media is not just posting when you have a blog post or want to promote a new product. The key is posting consistently, providing value and being social. 

Take 15 minutes out of your day to engage on social media. You don't have to be on ALL platforms all day but you should focus on the ones where your target audience is.  Communicate with not only your followers but also influencers and brands. 

Learn How to Promote Your Blog On Social Media

This post is not comprehensive and does not go into creating a social media strategy what it shows you is how you can be present on social media consistently.

If you find you are spending too much time on social media or are neglecting social media as a way to promote your blog use this post as a starting point to be active on the top social media platforms:

Make blog promotion part of your blog and content marketing strategy.

How to Promote Your Blog on Facebook

Facebook has really turned into a pay to play platform and has limited your reach. Unless your target audience is on Facebook treat it as a broadcast system -  schedule your posts and don't spend too much time trying to figure it out. 

Where Facebook really shines now is by creating targeted ads. Facebook ads is beyond the scope of this post but I will show you how to stay relevant on Facebook increase engagement.

Here are 5 ways to promote your blog post on Facebook.

promote your blog post on social media

1. Post your blog post to your Facebook Page the day you publish, then weekly. Some people will see the post and many will not so repeating the post is ok.

You can be a bit more aggressive and post daily for the first week and weekly for the first month. 

2. Post to your blog post to your  Facebook Group and ask for engagement. Ask if they agree or what do they do instead.

3. Post your blog post to other Facebook groups if allowed. You can also respond to comments in other Facebook groups by referring to your blog post for more information. Many groups won't allow this interaction and will only have a promo post where you are allowed to post links. Take advantage of the promo post. 

You can also post a question or poll in Facebook groups to get engagement (and do research). For this post I could ask:

  • What is the best social media platform to promote your blog post?
  • Is it ok to  promote your blog post in Facebook groups you belong to?
  • How do you generate Facebook traffic to your blog?

These are not directly promoting the blog post but it can spark a lively conversation and get people curious enough about you to check out your profile, Facebook page or website. 

4. Post your blog post to your Facebook Stories. This can be a video, carousel or just a picture.

5. Post your blog post to your Facebook Live. A quick and short Facebook live to announce a new blog post. Tell them what it's about, stress the benefit and use a call to action like "Let me know what you think" at the end. This is a simple way to get your Facebook audience to read your post and and encourage engagement. 

Facebook can be a cornerstone to promote your blog on social media. 

How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram

First and foremost don't just have one link in your Instagram bio. Use link.tree or create a dedicated page on your blog for links having one that link that goes straight to your blog.

Instagram also owned by Facebook (now the Meta) is also turning into pay to play platform. So unless you are buying ads or know this is where your target audience hangs out don't spend too much time focusing on Instagram. If your audience uses Instagram make it a focal point in promoting your blog on social media.

With Instagram you will spread your posts over a few days. Take advantage of every format Instagram has to offer. Instagram rewards users for using all the tools on the platform.

1. Create an announcement post for your Instagram feed.

2. Create a carousel post for your Instagram feed. Use your subheadings as your carousel pages. 

3.  Create an Instagram Story. Create a 3 slide post and ask a question at the end to increase engagement. 

4.  Create Instagram Reel. Do a quick reel to promote the blog post with trending music.

5. Go Live on Instagram. Talk about the topic and get feedback while directing them to read your blog.

6. Slide into the Instagram DM's. Take this opportunity to reach out to your loyal followers with a direct message and let them know you have a new post on the blog. These are followers that already engage with you by commenting, liking, sharing and saving your posts. DO NOT SPAM and don't try to exceed the number of people you can DM in a day.

You can also get into the direct messages by asking them to respond to your Instagram Story. 

How to Promote Your Blog on Twitter

I miss the good old days when you can schedule your Tweets to repeat. Twitter no longer allows this so you need to come up with 280 character post to promote your blog post. This does not limit your  tweeting as most people first thought. 

It's an opportunity to get more creative to direct people to your post and encourage them to retweet. 

A Tweet shelf life is 15 minutes so it's ok to post more often than the other social media platforms. You can even post multiple times a day on Twitter to promote your blog on social media. 

The trick and the one of the best ways Twitter helps you with your marketing is A/B testing. If you are posting multiple times linking to the same blog post use different copy. 

The copy that brings the most engagement is the one you can use again later. 

1. Day 1 - Post your blog post 3-4 times on the day you publish. 

2. Week 1 - Post your blog post daily. 

3. Keep Promoting - Keep your post in the cycle using the winning copy. 

Your Tweets should be a mix of text only, photos, and video. 

Also use Twitter Threads to boost engagement.

How to Promote Your Blog on Pinterest

I use the 80/20 rule here and spend more time creating Pinterest posts as I will know it will drive traffic. The other platforms are for brand recognition, engagement and research.

1. Create 10-20 Pins for Pinterest per blog post.

2. Create another 10 Pins or more if you post has a content upgrade. 

3. Use Tailwind to schedule your Pins

Read my post to learn how to use Pinterest for Blogging.

Monitor Your Social Media Posts

The secret to spending 15 minutes a day on social media is scheduling all your posts. 

Click to Tweet

I batch create blog images and ensure the size I use for my featured image is the perfect size for Twitter and Facebook. Then I create separate images for Instagram and Pinterest. 

Spending an hour or two a week creating images and scheduling will save you time throughout the week. You can even do this monthly as well.

I check in 3 times a day to see if I have any comments on my posts. Always respond to comments. 

I also take this time to engage with other accounts. 

Review Your Social Media Stats

The final step after scheduling your social media posts is to review your stats on each platform.

Engagement - look at clicks, likes, comments, retweets, and shares.

Make a note of which posts have the most engagement: the topic, the images, and the caption used. 

On Twitter I may retweet or start a thread on this post and most definitely will use that Tweet again. 

The engagement stats on Facebook and Pinterest will tell me what to continue to post to repeat success. 

For Instagram I found that reach ties heavily into engagement. Looking at what type of post as well as hashtags used will help increase engagement. 

To dig deeper into analytics read my post on the Quick and Easy Blog Analysis.

How do you promote your blog posts on social media?

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