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Adding content upgrades to your blog can increase email subscribers. You can grow your email list exponentially. 

A content upgrade is a fast way to grow your email subscribers because it offer immediate rewards. The more relevant to the blog post the higher the conversion. 


Start with Awesome Blog Posts to Increase Email Subscribers

Don't worry about providing too much information. Just keep creating valuable posts that actually helps people and you will be rewarded with repeat visitors that turn into loyal visitors that turn into subscribers then buyers. 

1. Start with providing valuable useful information.

2. Blog consistently and frequently

6 ways to use content upgrades to increase email subscribers

Offer Irresistible Content Upgrades and Increase Email Subscribers

Content upgrades are an awesome way to offer additional value and gift your visitors with a freebie. While they are getting an upgrade to the free blog post you are getting a new subscriber. 

A content upgrade is an opt-in that is relevant to the blog post the visitor is reading. 

1. Decide what enticing content upgrade you will offer:

  • checklist
  • cheat sheet
  • printable
  • quick start guide
  • swipe copy
  • tools and resources list (check out mine for this post)
  • worksheet that supports the post
  • ebook (that provides more details)

It has to be of value. Something that someone would buy. Visitors want to feel they are getting something of value in exchange for their email address. 

The best content upgrades are exactly that an upgrade. It should be the next step after reading your blog post. What should the visitor do next?

I use Thrive Leads to offer three upgrades for this post using A/B spilt testing. (Read my Review on Thrive Leads) You may be offered a Blog Audit Checklist (for current bloggers), an ebook on 20 Free WordPress Plugins (for those that want to upgrade their blog - newer bloggers) or an ebook on 32 Ways to Monetize Your Blog (for both new and current bloggers)

A good content upgrade is not only valuable but it's something people actually want. If you are not sure what to offer, do your research. What does your target audience want to know about your topic.

Create your upgrade and offer it as a PDF if it's not an audio or video. Content upgrades are an easy way to increase email subscribers.

Create Your Opt-in Box and Connect Your Form with Your Email Provider

Thrive Leads provides awesome opt-in forms that integrate with almost any email provider. I use ConvertKit to capture email addresses and send out my email sequence. 

Create Your Email Sequence

The next step is to continue to provide value with 5-7 email autoresponder.  

Around the fourth email you can add the subscriber to your regular email list. 

I find the best time to create the email sequence is when I create the content upgrade. 

This first sequence is your second introduction, sets the tone and can be the difference between a quick unsubscribe after they got the content upgrade or a loyal subscriber. 

Hera are 10 Effective Ways to Get More Email List Subscribers

Money in the List Toolkit

Learn How to Get Your Emails Opened and Read

  • Are Your Emails Not Getting Clicks?
  • Have you been sending emails and not getting the response you want?
  • Want to learn how to create emails that get opened and read?

Nurture Your Email List to Gain More Email Subscribers

Now is not the time to set it and forget it. 

You have this new subscriber on your list - what's next?

Send out a daily, weekly, or monthly kickass email newsletter. 

Sometimes I get up to 400 emails a day from my subscriptions and I honestly only read about emails from 10 people (yes I am slowly and painfully unsubscribing weekly). The other emails I read is because the subject line caught my attention.  

Not only do you need to have good content in your newsletter you also need a subject line that stands out. 

If you want to quickly grow your email list start adding content upgrades to your blog posts.

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