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Are you ready to take your coaching business to the next level? Whether you are a business coach, wellness coach, or life coach all coaches do these three things.

 Here are three things that successful coaches do that others don't.


When you started your coaching business, you probably envisioned a life where you got to help people in a meaningful and rewarding way with a flexible profitable lifestyle.

The reality probably didn't line up that exact way. The reality is that the first few years you were overworked, stressed and trying to align the budget you planned with real expenses. 

Successful coaches learn very quickly the keys to a successful coaching practice. 

  1. Organization, Automation and Systems in Your Coaching Business
  2. Building a Coaching Business Team
  3. Grow Your Coaching Business

1. Get Your Coaching Business Organized

What are your daily planning routines? Do you build planning into your daily activities? Do you use to-do-lists? Do you prioritize? Do you spend most of your day on repetitive tasks? Do you use apps and online tools to help you manage your business? 

If you are not planning your week or your day you will notice that things will fall by the wayside.

No matter how many tools I use online I still love to use paper and pen for planning and scheduling. 

I developed the Coaching Life Journals and Trackers for those of us that still like to plan old school. 

Use the journals and trackers to organize your business and life:

Whether you use pen and paper don't cling to old systems or old versions of apps. You really want to know if the systems really work for you—but what if there’s something better?

If you are not planning and scheduling your day you are probably reactive. A client calls, you scramble to respond, putting aside other priorities and telling yourself either that this client needs help or that (let’s be honest here) you need the money and can’t afford to turn down a paying client.

No matter what causes you to be reactive, you need to be perfectly clear on one thing:

Reactivity is really just a name for putting other people’s needs, wants and agendas ahead of your own.

Running a flawless business is all about creating processes. Don’t just systematize once: As your business grows, keep on systematizing till your business runs like a brand new car. Whether you use Coaching Life Journals and Trackers or an app organize your day, your business and your team.

Coaching Journals and Trackers are for:

  • Life coaches
  • Health coaches
  • Business coaches
  • Spiritual coaches
  • Law of attraction coaches
  • Internal coaches
  • Team coaches
  • Communication coaches
  • Confidence coaches
  • Social coaches
  • Empowerment coaches
  • Mental health coaches
    • Relationship coaches
    • Success coaches
    • High performance coaches
    • Executive coaches
    • Career coaches
    • Leadership coaches
    • Personal growth and mindset coaches
    • Marketing coaches
    • Intuitive coaches
    • Life transition coaches
    • Self-love coaches
    • And more...
    Coaching Business - Planners, Trackers, and Journals

    2. Build Your Dream Coaching
    Business Team

    Once you have the right systems in place the next evolution is to build your dream team. 

    At first being a solopreneur coach seems fun but as your business grows, you can become overwhelmed with all the areas you need to manage in addition to working with clients.

    As a solopreneur coach not only do you become overworked your business will stay small and be limited by your limitations and tunnel-vision.

    Creating a dream team of others with expertise you can leverage adds value to your business.

    You want to work with people that bring their expertise in addition to meshing well with you and your business. The right people will help your business grow and succeed.

    Things that are good to outsource include:

    • Business admin tasks
    • Repetitive tasks
    • Areas of your business you don’t enjoy or feel unskilled in
    • Behind-the-scenes processes such as mailings, uploads and customer service
    • Anything that requires specialized skills you don’t have

    Take the time to find the right person, appreciate them and give them reasons to stay. Let them help you keep your clients happy.

    Remember, your business is as good as your team.

    With the right team you actually have free time you can use for some quality self-care. You can now:

    • Plan regular leisure activities
    • Have a date night with your significant other
    • Get a weekly massage
    • Go to yoga class 
    • Go see your kids’ games!
    • Have time for hobbies
    • Make time for reading
    • Travel more

    3. Grow Your Coaching Business with Product and Services

    Most coaches start off with 1:1 coaching and may quickly realize this is another area for overwhelm. Most coaches find they burn out fast if their appointment calendar gets too full. 

    You can scale by offering group programs in addition to other products and services.

    The goal is to have multiple streams of income with passive income streams.

    Every coach should be working on these 7 income streams:

    1. Group coaching
    2. Published book
    3. Workbooks, planners and templates*
    4. Speaking income
    5. Courses*
    6. Membership*
    7. Merchandise*

    * Passive income

    To start off you can create group coaching programs that offer limited 1:1 time. They allow you to focus on your clients’ needs without burning out.

    You can combine passive income options with 1:1 access.

    Here are seven proven ways to include limited-access one-on-one time … that won’t burn you out or gobble up too much time:

    • Offer a one-time strategy session 
    • Offer a walk-through session halfway through any course that involves systems or technology.
    • Offer a one-time wrap-up session at the end of a course or challenge, to clear up any remaining points of stress or confusion, and make sure your member is set for maximum success. (Ask for a testimonial at the end of the session—point them to a survey!)
    • Offer a one-on-one session as a unique and exclusive bonus – only for members who join during your promotional webinar or presale.
    • Provide 1-3 sessions at a heavily-discounted rate for those who sign up for your VIP programs (or pay annually instead of monthly)
    • Offer a weekly one-on-one email, in which your member can ask questions from issues that arose during her week.
    • Offer a live, weekly or monthly Q & A or Critique webinar. (Use Zoom—especially if you’re interacting with a smaller, more intimate group.)

    In addition to group coaching you can also offer different levels of products and services. 

    Don't make the same mistake as other coaches who scale up and make the assumption that all their new client targets have the same pain point. Find the pain points for key stages of your preferred client’s journey and create offers designed to solve these minor pain points and keep your ideal client moving through your funnel.

    Remember, a client’s journey is a process; not just a destination.

    Write and publish that book. that will 10x your business. Write your story of triumph that will help your clients. You can also write about you unique coaching method.

    Offer workbooks, planners and templates based on your coaching system. If you already have an impressive array of templates you use in your own business, adapt them slightly and sell template, business forms packages, planners or workbooks. This is a great way to generate passive income, offer bonuses and move your clients through your funnel.

    Start booking paid speaking gigs. Another income stream that should be part of your marketing strategy is to get in front of others audience or host your own workshops and webinars.

    Offer a self-study course. Use your specialized knowledge, research questions you’ve received from subscribers, clients, followers and customers, and create an online course. Once you record the course and create learning collateral (workbooks, bonuses, swipe files, etc.) your target can sign up at any time and learn at their own pace.

    Start a membership program. If you already have an active Facebook group and subscriber base, sound them out with polls and questions, and create a Membership Site, complete with exclusive resources and a monthly webinar.

    Group programs, courses and membership programs create recurring, regular income. Would you rather sell a single copy of your book… or have people accessing your six-month course and paying you a regular monthly sum for that six months?

    You can add limited 1:1 coaching and/or community with an exclusive, closed Facebook group to support your course or membership program. Start building a loyal, dedicated and engaged community who will be looking to you for the next step.

    Offer  merchandise. A quick and easy way to promote your brand is to sell merch - apparel (t-shirts, hoodies and more), notebooks, mugs, and other accessories. 

    You can also print your sayings, philophies and slogans on your merch. Check out my Empowerpreneur swag.

    Merchandise can be a passive income stream if you go with print on demand services like Printify or Printful.

    These passive income streams are awesome - once the work is done, you can sit back and sell these products for years to come.

    All that's left is to promote these products and many coaches find the marketing work easier than the actual creation especially when it's automated.

    Some of these products are priced lower than your 1:1 coaching, so your products still offer help to those not quite ready for the larger investment. This lower price point also helps expand your reach to your target audience because you’re offering more options.

    Grow your funnel as you attract more people with products first, then they’ll travel through your sales funnel and (hopefully) purchase your private coaching once they’re convinced that you can help them.

    Consider your product library as a separate branch in your business, one which works in the background while you focus on your clients.

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