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Learn how to use Pinterest for business. Many coaches avoid  Pinterest for many reasons:

  • Not another social media platform
  • It’s not a quick solution
  • My audience doesn’t use Pinterest 
  • I don’t do fashion, food or travel


Start Driving Traffic with Pinterest for Coaches

The fact is even if you are not in the top niches on Pinterest, Pinterest has over 452 million active users. The majority use Pinterest for purchase inspiration and many go to Pinterest to get ideas and motivation. 

Unlike other social media a pin life is indefinite. You can get traffic within a week and you can keep getting traffic years from now just with one pin. Pinterest can be used to promote your coaching services, your courses, blog posts, opt-ins, ebooks and more. 

With a good strategy you will see an increase in traffic, subscribers, and sales and drive thousands to your website with consistency and minimal work. 

Set up Your Coach Business Pinterest Account the Right Way

Read the Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing to get the step-by-step details. Learn how to use Pinterest for your coach business the right way.

Pinterest for Coaches

Pinterest is a social media platform but it is also a search engine. You will need to spend time doing research to find the right keywords to use.  Pinterest for coaches is not a quick or easy fix but it does pay off. 

The first step is to create a profile that is SEO keyword rich. You want to include what you do in your account name. Your description should also include keywords (but don’t keyword stuff). You want to tell people what you do and entice them to follow. 

Create related boards. Board names and descriptions should also include keywords. Your boards should be related to your niche and the interest of your audience. 

Use the Right Keywords on Your Coach Business Pinterest Account

Just to let you know - the word coaching? It’s not part of your keywords. The only people searching for the word coaching are other coaches, and they are not your ideal clients.

You want to add keywords to your profile, your boards and your pins. 

Start brainstorming your preferred clients pain points and what they are searching for then create your boards around that. Use words that clients will be looking for. How do they search for the services you offer? People look for solutions. 

Use Pinterest for your coaching business and Google to find the keywords people use. Write down the top results. In Pinterest pay attention to the Pin titles and what types of posts come up. Also pay attention to the images that are above the fold. Is it text heavy or graphic heavy? These are the topics and images that resonate most wth your potential clients. 

You not only want to research for pin content ideas you also want to find the best content to curate. Attract your ideal clients by curating valuable content on Pinterest for coaches and your clients.

Stay ahead of the competition by researching and utilizing Pinterest's latest features for coaches.

You want to share content of others as well. When you share content you want to make sure it’s quality content. You also want to share exactly what your potential clients are looking for. 

Become a Resource on Pinterest to Market Your Coach Business

Whatever you coach or teach, create boards that are the go to source for information. What does your audience need help with? Create a board that can provide them with solutions.

What are the symptoms that your audience has? Create boards that address these issues too. Also create Pinterest boards for coaches and coaching. 

Coaching Business Pinterest Board Example

Fitness Coach

Your potential client wants to lose weight - Boards can include nutrition, exercises, recipes.

Symptoms - diabetes, back pain, joint pain, etc - you can create boards that address these symptoms. 

Your Pinterest account is not about you it’s about your clients WIIFM - “What’s in it for me?” Your Pinterest strategy should be about how you can help your potential clients and clients. Your boards should focus on their problems and the solutions they need. Use Pinterest to connect with them and keep them coming back for more. 

Even though you want to create boards that are a balance of curated content and your own content you want to always provide a win/win environment for your clients and use your own content to provide a quick win. 

Create posts that address a common issue that you work through with your clients. What benefits can they get and later get by working with you? Show them a glimpse of your process. People choose coaches based on the their understanding of the problem. 

Use your boards to show that you understand the problem and have a ready solution. Every pin posted and shared within your account should be focused on the audience you want to serve.

14+ Pinterest Board Ideas for Business Coaches

  • Create one board for your business. 
  • Post your blogs, opt-ins and products/services.
  • Create a board to help your preferred clients with issues and goals 
  • Share resources, tools, and techniques, how to
  • Create a motivation/inspirational board (share inspirational quotes and funny memes)
  • Share your vision board - business, health, financial, fitness, relationship, vacation
  • Books around your coaching / books worth reading / suggested reading
  • Create a book club board for your topic to share books you have read and want to read
  • Create group boards for clients it can be private and/or public
  • Create a group board with other coaches that serve your niche
  • Create a group board for local businesses that serve your niche
  • Create a group board for your group coaching program where you can share specific pins and collaborate with your clients
  • Create a group board on favourite self-development books, quotes and invite people to pin their favourites too
  • Depending on your niche you can create lifestyle boards that share recipes,  exercise and others activities, hobbies that your clients like to do. 
  • Finally you want to create targeted boards for your niche, service, topic, product

Create boards and pins that establish you as an expert. These boards will drive interest and engagement in addition to building trust. 

Optimize your boards and pins for branding to build brand recognition and SEO to easily get found. 

Consistently Create Fresh Pins for Your Coaching Business

A FRESH pin is any new pin, any new graphic, even for older content. Pinterest for coaches can be a creative outlet when you start a regular schedule of creating fresh pins. 

I have opt-ins I created 2 years ago that I created two pins each for. Today, I can create new graphics for that opt-in and pin it as fresh content.  

Pins don’t have to be absolutely different, instead:

  • Change the headline
  • Change between 2-3 main colors
  • Change the placement of some elements
  • Change the background picture

There MUST be a noticeable difference. If the only change will be moving the text from left-aligned to centered, it will NOT be a fresh pin.

I create pin templates and this makes it easier to create multiple pins for one post. 

a) Start creating fresh pins for

  • your blog posts, 
  • your course sales page, 
  • your opt-in page, 
  • your Work With Me page,
  • your podcast episodes
  • your Instagram posts (claim your Instagram account with Pinterest). You can pin your reels and stories as well,
  • or anything else.

You also want to create video pins – talk about a specific issue your clients are dealing with, and give them a practical tip. 

b) Create visually appealing pins

c) Prepare a keyword-rich description and title for each pin. Make sure your pin is optimized for search engines.

d) Always include a link to each pin

e) Create at least 5 pins for each post or page.

f) Pin at least 5 fresh pins PER DAY (you want to work your way up to 25 pins per day)

g) All of the pins you post should have a link back to your website. Make Pinterest a part of your sales funnel and don’t be shy about sending Pinners straight to your sales and opt-in pages. You can also start building our list by creating content upgrades for your blog posts.

Use Pinterest to Get Leads for Your Coaching Business

If you don’t have an opt-in/lead magnet create one now. Your opt-in should tackle a common problem and give your preferred client an easy solution, tool, or technique to help them. This is why the research you did earlier is so valuable. Pinterest for coaches can become a source of qualified leads with the right opt-in.

You can also create freebies that answer objections and show your audience how you can help with their transformation.

Once you have the lead magnet, build a landing page to direct your audience to and create pins that promote it (10 or more). 

You can use Pinterest to grow your email list and to nurture your connection. Once you have their email you now have the opportunity to further your authority and build trust.

Drive traffic to your value based posts and create content upgrades to help your audience. Offer worksheets, checklists and ebooks. Use opt-in forms within your posts and pop ups to grow your list. 

Create content that your audience is searching for and give it to them.

Create content consistency with fresh pins or brand new content to post daily. Schedule time to batch your pin creation and use a tool like Tailwind to schedule your pins so you can show up on Pinterest. 

Bonus: Build Your Community on Pinterest to Better Serve Your Coaching Clients

Take the time to show up as a real person on Pinterest. Let your personalty show, let them get to know you, like you and trust you. Be social and start building a community on Pinterest. 

Start Following

Follow and interact with influencers in your niche.

Search Pinterest for niche keywords and follow your ideal clients that are very active on Pinterest, do this every day.

Follow and engage with your clients, share and comment on their pins. 

Take 5-15 minutes a day to engage on Pinterest and build relationships. Connect with your audience on a more intimate level and add a personal touch. 

You can also use Pinterest for coaches to create a community of coaches you can collaborate with. Cultivate a thriving coaching community with the help of Pinterest for coaches.

Group Boards and Tailwind Communities

In addition to creating your own group boards for clients and other coaches that serve your audience, start joining group boards. Participate and join group boards and Tailwind Communities that your clients are in.

Tailwind makes it easier to join “communities” and network with like-minded Pinterest users. Having a Tailwind account to schedule pins from other users will help increase your reach as a coach on Pinterest.

Also use Pin Groupie to find group boards to join.

If you want to grow your coaching business using Pinterest then you have some work ahead of you but it’s worth the effort. 

  • Set up your Pinterest Account the Right way
  • Learn how to do your keyword research properly. 
  • Create and use boards effectively to become a resource
  • Develop a process to repurpose content quickly 
  • Create fresh pins
  • Schedule your pins
  • Grow your community on Pinterest

Stay informed and up-to-date with industry trends using Pinterest for coaches

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