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It's important to have a Pinterest Strategy and the best way to start is with a Pinterest Audit. 

There are so many people that are on Pinterest and not sure how to use Pinterest for business. They don't know how to drive traffic from Pinterest which will ultimately drive sales and increase subscribers. 

Many business accounts were started as personal accounts and then converted to business accounts and are heavily focused on your personal interests.

Other accounts were started without a strategy, with no boards optimized and no cohesiveness at all.

When you don't have a strategy you feel overwhelmed by the thought of using Pinterest and stop and start in spurts. Having a strategy brings clarity and doing a Pinterest Audit can help you outline one.


How to Audit Your Pinterest Profile

When should you do a Pinterest Audit?

  • If you have not had an audit in the past 6 months or ever,
  • You hit a plateau with your Pinterest marketing,
  • If you are not attracting your preferred audience,
  • When you are ready to increase your monthly viewers or gain more followers,

A Pinterest audit is not a singular event and is best conducted every 6-12 months. This allows you to stay up-to-date with the changes that Pinterest is bound to make as well as review low performing boards.

The Pinterest Audit has 3 major areas: 

  1. Pinterest Profile Audit
  2. Pinning Strategy Audit
  3. Pin Community/Engagement Audit

Pinterest Profile Audit

Review your Pinterest profile especially if you are coming from a personal Pinterest account. You want to ensure that your links are correct and your profile is up-to-date.

A Pinterest profile audit includes reviewing your Pinterest account:

  • Defining your audience
  • Developing a profile description using keyword research
  • 100% completion of your profile and setting up your Pinterest business account properly
  • Claiming your website including Instagram, YouTube, and Etsy
  • Maintaining a branded profile with logo or professional image and a banner

Review your Pinterest profile whenever you make a change to your brand or the direction of your business.

Pinterest Strategy Audit

Strategy is where most business are lacking when it comes to Pinterest. The next section is to audit your Pinterest strategy:

  • Set Pinterest goals and objectives
  • Develop a system to test, track and monitor Pinterest
  • Scheduling posts (it's best to use a tool like Tailwind)
  • Capture leads
  • Utilize Pinterest advertising
  • Create optimized boards (at least 25 boards)
  • Create viral pins (use Tailwind Create or Canva)
  • Create video pins
  • Create story pins
  • Understanding your Pinterest metrics and analytics

Here are 5 Ways to Automate Your Pinterest Strategy.

This is the most crucial section if you want your Pinterest marketing to succeed.

Pinterest Engagement/Community Strategy

There is less emphasis on Pinterest followers than there used to be but it can't be denied that there is a direct correlation between Pinterest followers and reach. The more followers the higher your reach will be.

Using my 15 Minutes a Day of Engagement strategy you can grow your followers and increase your reach. 

  • Use Tailwind to post to your own boards, Group Boards and Tailwind Communities.
  • Make a point of following others (Influencers, Industry experts)
  • Engage on others posts (click, save and comment)
  • Continue to save others posts to your boards

Download the FREE Pinterest Audit and start driving traffic and sales from Pinterest. Start using Pinterest the right way. 

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