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Did you know that online quizzes are a great way to help build your email list? It’s important to continually build your email list in order to market to more people, who will in return share and purchase your products and services. Quizzes are just a fun way to get more potential clients in your pipeline.

I use Thrive Quiz Builder, while there are a number of ways you can build an online quiz, such as with Google Forms, Survey Monkey, or Type Form, most business owners prefer hosting the quiz on their own website. This keeps people on their site so that they can continue to browse around and become more aquatinted with the brand.


How to Create Quizzes with Thrive Quiz Builder

If you run your website with WordPress, one plugin you can use to set up quizzes is the Thrive Quiz Builder. This plugin is from the company Thrive Suite formerly Thrive Themes that is most notably known for its visual editor, Thrive Architect.

If you are familiar with Thrive Suite then you know that all their themes and plugins are integrated to work together and are created with user ease at the forefront. They create top-notch products that will help you generate more leads and increase your sales.

The Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to create both simple and complex quizzes without the need for any prior coding knowledge. You build the quizzes using a visual editor and the plugin will walk you through each step, including adding the questions, answers, and what happens afterward.

Watch Thrive Quiz Builder Demo

Which Type of Quiz Do You Need to Create?

  1. Number Quiz  - At the end of this quiz the user receives a result in a numerical fashion. For example, the quiz could be to test someone’s knowledge and the result would be “You got 6 correct”.
  2. Percentage Quiz - At the end of this quiz the user receives a result as a percentage. Again, if you are testing someone’s knowledge, the result would be something along the lines of, “You got 75% correct.”
  3. Personality Quiz - This type of quiz would give a different result depending on the answers given. For instance, if you were to ask, “What Do You Struggle Most With In Your Business”, followed by a series of questions to help determine where the user needs the most help, your results would be specific to what that user needed. If the user indicated that they struggle with social media, your results would be tailored to social media.
  4. Right/Wrong Quiz - This quiz is similar to the number quiz except that it also indicates how many wrong answers the user got. For example, “You got 6 out of 15 questions correct.”
  5. Survey - The survey isn’t really a quiz, but you can allow people to answer questions and each person would receive the same result. This would be great for offering a discount on a product if they answer your survey.

As you can see, there is a lot you can do with quizzes. You can make them as fun and silly, or as serious and business-like as you desire.

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