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I discovered Thrive Suite formerly Thrive Themes, April 2020 when I was looking for a WordPress quiz plugin. I quickly realized that this was the missing solution to all  your website marketing needs. 

This is my Thrive Themes Review.

Thrive Suite is  a powerhouse in the WordPress world. In addition to the visual editor, renamed Thrive Architect, Thrive Suite includes multiple plugins and most recently a WordPress theme builder. All of their products are conversion focused and designed to help showcase your content and website in the best way possible.


I was so used to using CSS and HTML to design websites that I hated drag and drop builders. Thrive Theme Builder with Thrive Architect was a game changer and time saver for me. I could quickly build websites and implement and see changes immediately with out refreshing. 

Thrive Theme Builder - If you want a one-of-a-kind professional looking website, the Thrive Theme Builder helps you to create a custom WordPress theme without any coding knowledge.  There are so many templates that it makes building a website that matches your brand a breeze.

Thrive Architect plugin is the most famous of the Thrive Themes’ plugins. It is a visual editor that allows you to create posts and pages in real-time with a drag and drop interface. The visual editor comes packed with pre-made templates and elements for you to quickly create a professional page for your website.

With Thrive Architect you can quickly create custom pages, branded pages, landing pages and silo pages that are SEO friendly. The integration with WooCommerce really took Thrive Architect to the next level and made building fully branded e-commerce website painless.

Thrive Architect Hydrogen Landing Page

Thrive Architect Hydrogen Landing Page Templates

Thrive Leads is Thrive Suites’ answer to email and newsletter integration. This plugin allows you to connect to your favorite email or newsletter software, such as Active Campaign, Aweber, and ConvertKit to name a few, and collect your community’s email addresses with beautifully designed forms.

This is where Thrive Suite definitely shines as you can quickly create forms to place all over your website, do A/B testing as well as a full tracking system Thrive Leads has it all.

Thrive Themes Review 2021

Thrive Ultimatum will help you build countdown campaigns to help for scarcity marketing tactic on your sales pages. You can create fixed time campaigns, recurring campaigns, and evergreen campaigns and then put it all on autopilot! 

With a few clicks you can add a branded countdown timer to any page on your website and take advantage of FOMO - Fear of Missing Out using Thrive Ultimatum. The whole Thrive Suite is designed to help you convert and easily integrates the whole system.

Thrive Optimize - In the business world testing is critical. Changing something as simple as the color of a buy button on a sales page can be the difference between a great product launch and an ordinary product launch. With the Thrive Optimize plugin, you can do A/B testing and discover which pages are actually performing the best.

With Thrive Ovation, you can easily capture and display all the amazing praises and testimonials about you, your website, your products, and/or your community in one place. This plugin will help you create a form to collect the testimonials and then with a simple shortcode you can display them anywhere on your website.

Social proof is very important when selling on your website and Thrive Ovation makes it easy to capture and display testimonials and reviews.

Thrive Comments makes blog comments fun again by allowing your community to like comments, earn badges, and share their comments on social media. You can even redirect new commenters to a welcome page if you wish.

Thrive Comments turns comments into a lead generator is one way to easily grow your email list and boost engagement

Thrive Quiz Builder - If you have ever wanted to have a quiz on your website or invite your email or newsletter subscribers to answer some questions, the Thrive Quiz Builder can help with that. With no coding needed, you can quickly complete the quiz wizard to create a quiz that will benefit your community.

One of the great things about Thrive Suite is the Analysis that comes with most of the plugins. You are able to quick see your stats, what's working and what's not to make changes quickly based on their Rapid Implementation Principle. 

I would not expect anything less with the Thrive Quiz Builder.

thrive quiz analysis

Thrive Apprentice - If you teach a course online Thrive Apprentice is a plugin you want to check out. This WordPress plugin allows you to create lessons, chapters, and modules for your community. It easy to use for both you as the admin and your community as students. Thrive Apprentice is the answer to a powerful, professional-looking online course that you can host on your own website.

As you can see Thrive Themes has a lot to offer the WordPress and online business community. Their suite of products is something that no other WordPress business offers and each product plays an important role in making your business’ website the best it can be.

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