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A lot of people say blogging is dead, but that’s not so. Blogging still plays an integral part in many online businesses. If you run a blog, you should be encouraging comments from readers. Comments on your blog posts are one indication that people are reading what you write, connecting with your content, and are interested in what you have to say. I use Thrive Comments to manage comments on my blog.

The default WordPress commenting system is simple. It’s nothing special but it works. In true WordPress fashion though, there is a multitude of plugins available to extend the WordPress commenting system. Thrive Comments is one of those plugins.


Thrive Comments Review

Thrive Comments was developed and is maintained by the same people that created Thrive Architect, Thrive Themes. As a whole, all of Thrive Themes’ products, including this one, are top-notch and work really well together. They run without bloating WordPress and rarely cause conflicts with other plugins or themes.

Thrive Comments will change the reader’s experience and how they interact with your blog post by adding elements from social media and community forums. Since people online are so used to social media, these added elements will make your reader feel at home and make your blog look more modern. Thrive comments even allows readers to leave a comment straight from their social media account.

Some of these elements include giving readers the chance to “like” other comments, share a comment on social media, upvote a comment, and unlock badges based on their activity. It’s really like being on a social media platform.

More than the added social media elements, Thrive Comments, also allows you to redirect readers to a new page after leaving a comment. This is would be a great place to have a thank you for your comment page with a free gift or an email opt-in incentive.

All this is good and exciting, but it still gets better. Thrive Comments comes with in-depth reporting that lets you really get to know your readers over time. With these reporting tools, you can discover who your top fans are, which posts are getting the most engagement, and more.

Watch the Thrive Comments Demo

Many bloggers love comments but also forget to respond to comments. It's important to respond to comments left by your readers. If you run a blog with multiple authors or editors, the Thrive Comments moderation board makes it easy to only view comments for a particular author. You can even delegate the task of responding to comments to another user. This ensures that all comments get a reply and helps generate conversations.

While you may be happy with the default WordPress commenting system, remember that Thrive Comments is more about creating conversations and getting to know your readers. The more you know your readers, the more you can create targeted content and products specific for them. This will hopefully lead to more subscribers and sales.

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