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At some point or another, every online business owner wonders if their sales page is working to the best of its ability. They have wondered if the headline needs to be tweaked or the colors changed. Maybe they need to move the buy button to a different position. One way to discover if making changes to the sales page will actually increase sales is to do A/B testing. I use Thrive Optimize for A/B testing.

A/B testing, also known as split testing, actually tests two separate sales pages to see which converts better. 50% of your audience will see one sales page, and 50% will see the other one. Thus, if you get 10 more sales from the second sales page, you know you should make the change permanent. One word of caution, which performing A/B testing, just change one item at a time. If you change multiple elements at once, you won’t know which change actually made the difference.


Thrive Optimize is a WordPress plugin from Thrive Suite formerly Thrive Themes that allows you to easily perform A/B testing on your pages without adding tons of code or switching back and forth between third-party solutions. In fact, there are only four steps needed to create an A/B test using Thrive Optimize. Those steps are:

  1. Create a page - Thrive Optimize works with Thrive Architect so you can easily create a page. This can be a sales page, opt-in page, landing page, blog post, etc. You can A/B test any type of page.
  2. Create a variation - With a click of the button, you can create a variation of the page you created in step 1. This, in essence, makes a copy of the page created in step 1 and allows you to make a change. You may want to test a different headline, video vs. no video, or even the color of the buy button.
  3. Set a goal - Once you have the page and variation set up, you can set a goal. This the point at which you would consider the A/B testing successful. You can choose to track page visits, opt-in form submissions, or revenue as conversion goals.
  4. Begin the test - At this point you are ready to start the A/B testing. Simply click the button to begin the test and start driving traffic to the page. Once you start seeing some traffic you can view the results of the A/B testing.
Thrive Optimize A/B Testing

Start Testing with Thrive Optimize

You can actually create more than one variation by setting up A/B testing using Thrive Optimize. You could create 3, 4, 5, or however many variations you desire. Just remember that all your traffic gets divided between all the variations. The more variations you have, the harder it is to find a clear winner.

Once you have reviewed the results of the A/B testing and have a clear winner, Thrive Optimize will automatically make the winning variation the main page to be seen by all your audience. That is until you start another A/B test.

Without A/B testing you will never know if you are leaving money on the table or not. Being a good online business owner includes knowing how to test and adjust based on those test results.

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