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Have you ever wanted to offer an online course to your audience? Online courses are so popular right now, that places like Udemy and Teachable are growing like crazy. What if I told you, you could offer a course on your own website with only a WordPress plugin?

Thrive Apprentice Plugin from Thrive Suite formerly Thrive Themes will do that just. The plugin will provide everything you need to develop an online course and allow your students to easily navigate and follow along. Plus it’s super simple to set up since it leads you from start to finish with step by step instructions.


Watch the Thrive Apprentice Tutorial Below To Create Your First Course

Create Online Courses with Thrive Apprentice

Before I continue, let me be clear, the Thrive Apprentice plugin, will not create your course content for you. It will allow you to offer your content in a course format on your website.

Thrive Apprentice has three basic levels - Lessons, Chapters, and Modules. The Lessons, Chapters, and Modules allow you to neatly organize your course and allows your students to easily find the information they need. Each course can have multiple lessons. Each lesson can have multiple chapters and each chapter can have multiple modules.

For example, if you create a course for Starting a Business Online. One lesson could be on setting up your website. Within that lesson, you could have a chapter on WordPress, HTML, SquareSpace, and Wix. In the WordPress chapter, you would have a module for Installing WordPress, WordPress Themes, and WordPress plugins. 

Of course, arguably, the most important part of having an online course is the ability to charge students for access. Currently Thrive Apprentice integrates with MemberPress, Wishlist Member, Member Mouse, and SendOwl. With a little creativity and IT help, it can also integrate with other membership software and payment processors.

Thrive Apprentice also has a sign-up gate, meaning you can require students to give you a name and email address in order to get access to the course. This is a great way to allow prospective students to try a sample or enroll in a trial course to see if it’s a right fit for them.

As with all Thrive Theme products, Thrive Apprentice is compatible with Thrive Architect, meaning you can use the drag and drop visual editor to build your course pages. This means you can customize the course pages to match your existing website and project a cohesive brand all throughout.

When creating content for your online course, Thrive Apprentice supports creating text, video, and audio based lessons. Of course, each of these lessons can include links to PDFs, images, and other websites.

It’s important to know what Thrive Apprentice is not. It is not an LMS in the typical sense. It does not create certificates of completion, progress badges, or give your students course quizzes as they learn. It does not drip content out to customers over time like an autoresponder. It is not a membership plugin or payment processor, meaning it does not restrict access based on payments without a third party plugin as mentioned above.

Just remember, Thrive Apprentice is an affordable and easy to manage option to deliver online courses to your audience. That is its only job and it does that job well.

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