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What exactly is scarcity marketing? Also known as a scare tactic, scarcity marketing is creating a fear of missing out (FOMO). If your customer doesn’t buy this product, then something bad will happen. Nothing bad really happens, but the customer might miss out on a great deal. I use Thrive Ultimatum to place countdowns on my offers and landing pages.


Scarcity marketing is the art of making your product or offer more valuable while still at a great price.  People love sales and getting an amazing deal. Some examples of scarcity marketing include:

  • 50% off only till midnight tonight
  • Sign up by Monday and get my special bonus ebook
  • Purchase this product before Friday and get a $25 gift certificate
  • Free shipping today only
  • Only 10 copies available
  • End of the month sale ends tonight

Scarcity marketing isn’t limited to sales pages. It can be used in email marketing and social media as well. You may even be using it in your business already but just didn’t realize it. Anytime you put a deadline on an offer, you are using scarcity marketing.

Thrive Ultimatum Review

Implementing scarcity isn’t hard to do. It can be as simple as emailing your customer list a coupon to use by a certain date. Inviting your social media followers to sign up for a free product by a certain date. Of course, it can also include a sales page with a special limited time offer which is the Thrive Ultimatum plugin can help.

Use Thrive Ultimatum to Drive Scarcity

Thrive Ultimatum from Thrive Suite helps you create scarcity on your sales page to entice sales. With this plugin, you can run three types of scarcity campaigns: fixed dates campaigns, recurring campaigns, and evergreen campaigns. Most business users use the fixed dates campaign but a brief description of each is below:

Fixed Dates Campaigns  - This allows you to run a one-time limited offer or product for sale. This is the most common.

Recurring Campaigns - Allows Thrive Ultimatum to automatically manage your campaign including start and stop times. For example, you could run a 25% off sale the last weekend of every month.

Evergreen Campaigns - This type of campaign allows you to create a scarcity campaign that you can reuse over and over. For example, you could create a 3-day offer taking 25% off for all new customers to your website. This offer would then appear every time a new customer visits your website.

A big element of your sales page when using scarcity is to include a countdown timer. With Thrive Ultimatum, you will have access to professionally designed templates for countdown timers, widgets, and floating banners. You can edit these templates to match your website’s branding too.

With widgets and floating banners, Thrive Ultimatum, allows you to be specific on who sees your offer. You can limit the widgets and floating banners to only display on certain pages, posts, or categories to ensure that you are reaching the right audience with your offer.

Regardless if you are selling a product, offering a service, or building your email list, scarcity marketing can help you find success, and Thrive Ultimatum is the king of scarcity marketing.

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