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So you bought a copy of the 2023 Business Planner: 12 Month Marketing Plan and find yourself overwhelmed. You have offers to create and/or promote, social media posts, and blog posts to create. You want to work that marketing plan.

Don't worry. 

Once you use the 2023 Business Planner: 12 Month Marketing Plan to outline your year the next step is to work the plan. 


I like to work 90 days ahead and that's why I developed the quarterly planner that also comes with helpful ideas and suggestions. 

It makes it easier to take action as you break down the months into smaller actionable steps.

Now you have broken down the steps you literally need to take action. 

3 Things I Do To Be Consistent and Running Smoothly With My Marketing

1. I review the marketing plan often. Whenever I am creating offers or content I have the plan on hand. I go over what needs to be done and when. 

2. Create content (social media and blog posts ) around my offer. To make it easier I create 4-8 blog posts around my offer. Take a look at my Pinterest series that promotes the Pinterest Roadmap course. I then created social media posts to promote the blog posts and the offer. 

3. Batch and schedule. I batch create. I spend 2 days creating all 4-8 blog posts and the social media posts. Canva is your friend. It makes it easier to create the graphics I need for my blog and social media. 

Once I create all the blog posts I schedule them in WordPress. Blog posts are published every Monday. 

I also schedule the social media posts:

That was the old way when I tried to do everything myself. Now I have a VA that helps. I still create the blog post and creative but I have help managing the social media. 

Work that Marketing Plan

Don't Hold Yourself Back by Doing the Same Things and Getting the Same Results

Are you stuck doing things just because you’ve always done it that way? Stop right now. You will never achieve growth this way. Keep the good and get rid of the bad. If it didn't work for you last year or the year before why is it going to work this year?  

Review your business and marketing from last year.

  • Did you launch any programs? Were the results better or worse than you expected? 
  • Did you develop new systems and processes?
  • Have you tried out TikTok yet? 
  • Are you taking advantage of your YouTube channel?
  • Are you still keeping your receipts in a shoe box?
  • Are you still doing everything by yourself?

Delegate tasks; start marketing with video; plan out new programs or updates; these are all things you can start doing today.

Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Need to Get Help to Work Your Marketing Plan

Don't be like me. I tried solo for many years and all it got me was inconsistency (months where I did not work the plan), burn out, stress and negativity (I hated working 1:1). I knew I needed help but giving up control was not easy.

I was overworked and at times overwhelmed. I focused a lot on activities that were not income producing. 

Any freelancer or coach will tell you they focus more on working for and with clients than marketing their own business. 

How is your business supposed to run smoothly when you’re not doing those necessary support and marketing tasks? Simple…you hire people to do those tasks for you. There are expert Virtual Assistants who can create an organized inbox with filters, folders and labels in mere minutes. There are expert Bookkeepers who find joy in numbers and live for balancing your books each month. And there are expert VA's that excel at creating online content and managing social media. This is the team you need to create.

There’s Not Enough Time in Your Day

If you are feeling overwhelmed and like there is not enough time in the day then it’s time to hire at least one team member. I remember woking 12 or more hours a day on creating products and not having time to market my business or myself. I remember working on client websites for weeks and not having time to nurture my email list.

Make a list of your most pressing tasks that need doing and hire the appropriate person for the job. Start small if necessary, paying a VA for 6 hours a month, for instance, and then work up from there as you become more comfortable delegating tasks. You’ve just gained 6 hours in your month so use it wisely.

You Are Not An Expert In Everything

People think because I build websites, I know how to build apps or how to fix every little issue with their smart phone. Well I don't. Also I'm an Apple girl and I don't know the first thing about Samsung.

Technology is great and keeps improving every day - it makes our lives easier - but who has the time to learn all these programs and apps? Canva is great for designing graphics but instead of fooling around for hours to design your book covers or social media graphics, hire a graphic designer who already knows about design and color principles or a Canva expert. With a designer you just need to explain your vision and don't have to know the rules of design. You can focus on your money-making activities.

You Can't Be Everywhere at Once

How on earth can you onboard new clients, coach your clients while also nurturing leads and create books or develop your new group program? You can’t, plain and simple, because there is only ONE of you! You can't clone yourself. This leads back to you doing the money-making tasks. Hire a ghostwriter to write your book or programs; hire a Virtual Assistant to help with administrative tasks; hire a VA to execute your marketing plan. While they work, you work on building relationships with your clients and prospects.

I Don’t Know What Tasks to Give Up

Giving up control can be intimidating but if you have a marketing plan and know exactly what tasks YOU want to handle, the art of delegation becomes much easier. If you need help creating a marketing plan you can hand over to your qualified team then get the 2023 Business Planner: 12 Month Marketing Plan

Get The Help You Need

Rather than taking up all your time with monotonous tasks and expensive software; you need to learn to accept your limitations and find expert service providers to take over these tasks. What takes one expert an hour to do can easily take a non-savvy business owner (you!) 5 hours to complete. Is that really a good use of your time?

Start off by asking other business owners for referrals and conduct interviews, as if you were hiring an employee. Be clear about about what you need completed and the expectations. 

The 2023 Business Planner: 12 Month Marketing Plan and the  quarterly planners are awesome tools to hand over to your new VA to work your marketing plan. 

Annual Business Planner

12 Month Marketing Planner

Start Planning Your Year Now!

12 Month Marketing Planner

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