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Planning is the key to higher profits. Most successful entrepreneurs have a business and an effective marketing plan for the year and could tell you nearly every promotion and product coming up for the next 12 months. Are you this strategic?

What is your vision for your business this year? What are your profit goals?


Be clear about what you want to achieve this upcoming year and it makes planning easier. 

1. Review Last Year

Before you can clearly see what direction you want to take for the next 12 months, you need to look back at where you’ve been. Look at all your stats and see what you can repeat, improve or scrap from last year.

2. Set Goals

What do you want do you want to achieve this year? Not only do you want to set sales goals, set goals for subscribers, traffic and engagement.

Be sure to break down your goals into quarterly and monthly goals.

3. Big Picture: Holidays and Events

Outline the holidays and events that relate to your business that you can build campaigns around. What promotions and products can you link to holidays and other events throughout the year.

4. Plan Your Products and Promotions

What products, services and programs do you want to promote this year?

What do products and services of others do you want to supplement your marketing and income with over the coming months?

As you fill your marketing calendar, you may find yourself juggling your own promotions and affiliate promotions. It’s difficult to promote more than 1-2 products at a time, so you’ll want to focus on your projects first. Then if you have space, you might be able to fit an affiliate offer around your product if it’s relevant to what you’re releasing.

You Don't Need to Say Yes to Every Partnership

If you’ve dedicated the week to Jane's new product and someone else asks you to share their product, then you need to say no. Saying no prevents overwhelm for both your community and keeps you from having to create a lot of content that subscribers won’t act on. (Read Blog Post: Are You Promoting Too Much?)

Be Willing to Comprise in Your Marketing

If an associate - fellow entrepreneur wants you to promote their product and your schedule is filled, you can suggest another slot. For example, you could say, “I love your offer, but my calendar for July is full. I do have space in June. Would you like me to share your promotion then?”

Strategic Marketing

All your promotions start with a plan. 

Start with your high level marketing plan for the year:

Annual Business Planner: 12 Month Marketing Planner

Then plan your promotions and content - social media, email and blog using quarterly/monthly planners: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4

Learn how to plan and execute:

create an effective marketing plan

5. Block off The Week

You don't want to promote something every day of the week. But you do want to aim for multiple touches (between 3-5 emails about the product). So if you know Jane has a new product coming out in the second week of July, go ahead and block out the second week in July.

6. Mix it Up and Plan for Variety

Pay attention to the promotion line up when you create your calendar. You don’t want to accidentally promote three client getting products back to back. Instead, mix it up. Promote a client getting, client retention with email, then client loyalty with social media. Also think of the natural progression for example step 1, step 2, step 3. By mixing it up, you’ll give your subscribers and clients variety so they stay engaged.

7. Twelve Week Hustle

You don’t have to tackle everything at once. In fact, you’ll be much more successful if you focus only on the next 12 weeks at a time. I plan everything quarterly and focus on execution of the next 12 weeks.

A marketing calendar is an invaluable tool for marketers and empowerpreneurs. It makes it easy to share products and courses at the right time, instead of flying blind. 

Annual Business Planner

12 Month Marketing Planner

Start Planning Your Year Now!

12 Month Marketing Planner

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