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When it comes to the holidays, your subscribers and followers will have their feeds crowded with advertisements and promotions. That means you’ll want to work hard so you can stand out and increase your sales.

After emailing your holiday promotion to your mailing list, turn to social media.

make your holiday promotions stand out on social media

Use Holiday & Winter Hashtags to Make Your Holiday Promotions Stand Out On Social Media

On many platforms like Twitter and Instagram, hashtags are how people find content. That means if you want to increase your visibility, you should consider using holiday and winter-themed hashtags.

Some of the best hashtags for this time of year include: #Christmas, #HolidaySpirit, #Snow, #NewYearNewMe, #Holidays, #Grinchmas, #Frost, #December, #HolidaySavings, #Chilly, #JollyHoliday, #NewYear, #StockingStuffers, #Hanukkah, #CyberMonday, #Winter, #UglyChristmasSweater, and #AwkwardHolidayPhoto.

Create Social Coupon Codes to Make Your Holiday Promotions Stand Out On Social Media

If you plan on offering coupon codes, create ones that are specific to the platform you’re using. For example, you could share a coupon code with your Facebook group, that’s FBMAS. Not only is this code easy to remember, it gives your community another reason to follow you on social media.

There’s also a hidden advantage to using special coupon codes on social media—you can tell which sites are sending you the most traffic. Review and analyze to duplicate success as you might find that you get the most traction from discount codes on Facebook. But you sell the most bundles from a coupon that you pinned in your Pinterest account.

Update Your Social Media

A simple way to celebrate the holidays on your social media platforms is to update your profile picture and header. You can do this with your profile picture by adding snowflakes, a Santa hat to your photo or other holiday themes.

For header pictures, you can broadcast your holiday offer. Some companies even add coupon codes to their headers so a visitor’s first look at their profile reveals savings and incentives.

Start planning your Holiday Campaign right away. 

Share Behind-the-Scenes to Make Your Holiday Promotions Stand Out On Social Media

Another way to promote your holiday sales is to share behind-the-scenes holiday moments. For example, one lifestyle blogger shared a video on Instagram how she decorated her home for the holiday season. This allowed her to share valuable information with her Awesome Nation while she promoted her sponsors.

Holiday moments can also be personal in nature and you can relate them back to your business. A mommy blogger shared a photo of her child jumping in the leaves and encouraged her Awesome Nation to start building their businesses so they could be home with their children, too.

Boost Your Posts to Make Your Holiday Promotions Stand Out On Social Media

On Facebook and Instagram, you can “boost” a post – pay for it to be seen by your followers. Twitter and Pinterest also allow you to share your holiday sales by setting up ads.

You don’t have to boost every post you make and you shouldn’t. However, it can be smart to strategically boost posts once or twice a week to expand your reach.

The best time to boost a post is when your offer first goes live and again, a day or two before it ends. The initial boost can get your fans talking about your product and the second boost can encourage them to make a purchase or risk missing out.

Use Video to Make Your Holiday Promotions Stand Out On Social Media

Add video to your social media posts. On Instagram and Facebook use Stories and Lives. Pin videos on Pinterest. Tweet your videos on Twitter. Videos get more views and engagements than posts and is a great way to convert followers into customers.

Include a Call to Action to Make Your Holiday Promotions Stand Out On Social Media

Tell followers what you want them to do: Buy Now, Download, Sign up, Follow, Like, Share.

Use social media to promote your offers and take the time to track your social media statistics. This will give you insights into which products are a good fit for your followers as well as which coupon codes perform the best.

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