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Your email is your best place to promote your offers. Your subscribers have already shown trust and interest by subscribing. Reward your subscribers with offers first and exclusives.

After you optimize your holiday sales pages, it’s time to start promoting your offer and it’s best to start with your email list. Here are 4 ways to increase your holiday sales.

how to increase holiday sales with email

Use Opt-ins and Content Upgrades

Take your time to build your list with opt-ins and content upgrades. Not only offer these bonuses to new subscribers also send an email to your lists.

Use email to educate your Awesome Nation. Provide valuable information with free downloads. Offer checklists, printables, workbooks and journals.

Here is ours:

Encourage Subscribers to Share

Make it easy to share your email by adding social media share buttons to the end of each email. And don’t forget to encourage your subscribers to share. You can reward subscribers for sharing with a discount code.

Also encourage subscribers to forward your emails as well.

Follow Up on Offers

Email your list about your offer multiple times.

So many people

I only message my subscribers once about my offer. Then I’m disappointed when I only make a few sales.

Consider emailing your subscribers the details of your holiday offer three to five times. Each email should contain a link to your product and highlight a different feature or reason that your offer is worth it.

Follow Up on Cart Abandonment

Sometimes, visitors will put your offer in their cart then leave your website. This is called “cart abandonment”. Subscribers can do this for a variety of reasons – maybe they need to discuss the transaction with a spouse first or they have a technical problem preventing them from completing the purchase.

More than 70% of your shoppers will abandon carts at checkout.

Always follow up with visitors. Use the feature in your shopping cart software that automatically reminds visitors about their item. Also encourage visitors to contact you if they encountered a technical problem. You can also add a discount to your email.

Cart abandonment follow-up usually pays off.

When you have a new holiday offer, the first place you should share it with is with your subscribers followed by your social media followers. Remember, your subscribers are usually your biggest fans and they’re eager to hear from you!

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