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A good sales page can make the difference between lacklustre earnings and a healthy dose of holiday sales. It’s important that you take your time with this step and don’t rush it.


Here are 4 quick ways you can optimize your holiday sales page:

how to optimize your holiday sales page

Choose Your Land Page Software

Creating a landing page doesn’t have to be hard or require hours of technical set up. You can do it easily using a service like Ready Sales Pro or ThriveLeads (I use this one). You will have to pay a monthly or yearly fee for these services but they can help you build stellar landing pages.

ConvertKit (FREE) has added awesome landing pages to their offerings as well. Not sure how to create how to create a landing page read How to create a landing page in the next 10 minutes.

If you’d rather host your landing pages yourself, you can do that with a WordPress theme that has a “landing page template”. The Genesis Framework (I also use) already has this feature with many of their child themes. There are also free plugins that you can use to design sales pages quickly and easily.

Add Video

Videos are a great way to convert visitors into customers. When it comes to text on a page, users quickly start skimming and that could cause them to miss out on the important features of your product or the amazing benefits of using it.

But videos are different. Videos capture attention differently than text. In between reading paragraphs, your visitor might also be on Twitter, streaming music from Spotify, and downloading a new app. With video, your visitor is more likely to pay attention which boosts conversion rates.

You don’t need to book a professional studio or record a thirty minute monologue. A short video in a casual setting can be enough to convince visitors to add your product to their cart.

Include a Call-to-Action

At the bottom of your sales page, you should include a call-to-action. Add a button that says something like: Add to Cart, Buy Now, or Download Instantly.

You can also experiment with adding a call-to-action to your sales video and the middle of your sales page. Some marketers even add a CTA button to the top of their sales page because they have customers who auto-buy everything they release.

Include a Countdown Timer

If you’re running a special holiday promotion, it can be helpful to add a countdown timer to your sales page. This countdown timer can be effective for an offer that expires like a flash sale that ends after 48 hours or an introductory price that ends after a few days.

A timer adds urgency to the sale. When you create a sense of urgency, you force your customers to make a decision right away, instead of putting it off.

Keep in mind that you can continue to tweak and improve your holiday sales page once it’s live. Use a metrics program like Google Analytics to look for ways that you can improve your conversion rate this holiday season.

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