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Need some inspiration for November? Here are 40+ November social media ideas, holidays & post ideas for content marketing. 

Tips for planning your November 2023 content marketing strategy.


For your November content marketing strategy, November is the perfect time to focus on NanoWrimo:

  • Write that book you have been putting off.
  • Participate in NanoWrimo
  • Challenge yourself to write 50,000 words
  • Commit to writing an hour a day

You don't have to write a book to particpate in NanoWrimo. You can commit to writing 50,000 words, and/or an hour a day. It can be blog posts, email sequences. marketing copy, scripts for your videos and podcasts. You can also write out course content, it's up to you.

November Sosial Media Ideas

November Blog Topics & Categories

Here are a few of the most popular November blog post categories and topics to write about and include in your November content marketing:

Use these topics to inspire November social media ideas.

Choose a November Content Theme

Simplify your content marketing efforts by establishing a theme for the month of November. By focusing on one central theme, you can streamline your content creation process and easily plan your editorial calendar. Use this theme to generate November social media ideas as well as blog posts and video content.

Having a theme in place allows you to create various types of content, including blog posts, social media updates, and images, all at once. This batching approach not only saves you time but also ensures that your content maintains a cohesive and consistent brand identity.

Moreover, a monthly theme provides structure to your marketing strategy. It allows you to leverage templates and predefined formats, making it easier to create content that aligns with your chosen theme. This consistency in messaging and visuals helps build brand recognition and keeps your audience eagerly anticipating your next piece of content.

Don't limit your theme to just your blog or social media posts. Extend it to your email marketing as well. Craft emails that revolve around the theme and its related aspects, offering additional value and engagement to your subscribers.

By adopting a themed approach to your marketing efforts in November, you can streamline your content creation, enhance your brand recognition, and keep your audience captivated and eager for what you have to share.

A content theme for November can revolve around “Gratitude and Giving Thanks”:

Gratitude Stories - Share inspiring stories of gratitude and acts of kindness. Feature testimonials from customers, employees, or partners expressing their appreciation for your business or the positive impact it has had on their lives.

Giving Back Initiatives/Paying it Forward - Highlight charitable initiatives or partnerships that your brand is involved in during the holiday season. Encourage your audience to participate by donating or volunteering, and share stories of the impact made through these efforts.

Thankful Quotes and Reflections - Share meaningful quotes, affirmations, or reflections on gratitude through blog posts, social media graphics, or email newsletters. Encourage your audience to reflect on what they are grateful for and engage in discussions.

For your November social media ideas, use Later, a social media scheduling tool, to plan, schedule, and publish your social media content in advance.

Use November Hashtags

  • #NovemberVibes
  • #HelloNovember
  • #NovemberMood
  • #NovemberFeels
  • #NovemberLove
  • #NovemberInspiration
  • #NovemberGoals
  • #NovemberAdventures
  • #NovemberMemories
  • #NovemberMagic

Here are 20 Hashtags to Use in November

1. #Thanksgiving

2. #GratefulNovember

3. #FamilyTime

4. #FallFestivities

5. #HarvestSeason

6. #PumpkinSpiceEverything

7. #GivingThanks

8. #AutumnVibes

9. #HolidayPrep

10. #BlackFridayDeals

11. #CyberMondaySales

12. #VeteransDay

13. #RemembranceDay

14. #Movember

15. #NoShaveNovember

16. #NationalAdoptionMonth

17. #NationalGratitudeMonth

18. #NationalEntrepreneurshipMonth

19. #NationalHealthySkinMonth

20. #NationalNativeAmericanHeritageMonth

Use these hashtags to come up with November social media ideas.

Learn how to create a monthly social media report on Later.com

Celebrate November Holidays

Don't underestimate the power of leveraging holidays in your content creation, especially when it comes to social media. Holidays provide excellent opportunities to create sales promotions or celebrate special occasions with your followers.

By aligning your content with relevant holidays, you can tap into the existing excitement and engagement surrounding those events. Whether it's a national holiday, a cultural celebration, or even a fun and quirky observance, incorporating holiday-themed content can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Consider running special promotions or discounts during holiday periods to incentivize your followers and attract new customers. This could be a limited-time flash sale, a holiday-themed bundle offer, or exclusive deals reserved for your loyal audience.

Additionally, don't forget the power of storytelling and creating engaging content that resonates with the holiday spirit. Share heartwarming stories, fun traditions, or creative ideas related to the holiday to captivate your audience and encourage them to join in the celebration.

For Novemeber you can leverage the Holiday Season and host promotions and events from Thanksgiving to Black Friday to Small Business Saturday to Cyber Monday to Giving Tuesday

1. Holiday Sales Extravaganza Sales and Discounts - Take advantage of specific holidays in November to create a sale event with discounted prices. Consider different durations for your sale, such as a 24-48 hour flash sale, a week-long promotion, or an extended offer throughout the entire month.

Highlight the holiday theme in your marketing materials to create a sense of urgency and excitement among your audience.

2. Exclusive Offers for Specific Audiences - Make your sales exclusive by tailoring them to specific groups of clients. Offer special discounts or perks exclusively to previous clients as a token of appreciation for their loyalty.

Provide exclusive discounts or access to new products/services for your email subscribers or social media followers.

3. Leveraging Social Media Platforms - Choose a specific social media platform, like Facebook, to host your exclusive sale event. Promote the sale on that platform and encourage followers to engage and participate.

Use social media platforms to connect with your audience, build excitement around your brand, and share holiday-related content.

Encourage user-generated content and run social media contests or giveaways to increase engagement and reach.

Use interactive features such as polls and live videos to generate excitement and drive sales.

4. Crafting Campaigns around Holidays - Identify relevant holidays in November and align your promotional campaigns accordingly. Develop engaging content that ties into the holiday theme while promoting your products or services.

5. Holiday Gift Guides - Create gift guides that showcase your products or services as thoughtful and meaningful gift options for the holiday season. Tailor the guides to different recipients or interests, providing helpful recommendations for your audience.

Use storytelling techniques to connect with your audience emotionally and create a memorable brand experience.

Remember to align your celebration with your brand's identity and target audience. By embracing Thanksgiving traditions or the holiday sales rush, businesses can generate excitement, engage with customers, and drive sales during the month of November.

You can also build campaigns around holidays. 

Support Small Business Saturday and Celebrate Shopping Local

Small Business Saturday, held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, is a special day dedicated to supporting and celebrating local businesses. As a small business owner, this is an opportunity to showcase your brand, connect with your community, and drive sales. Participate in Small Business Saturday to engage clients, and make the most of this important shopping event.

1. Highlight Your Unique Offerings - Introduce your business and the unique products or services you offer. Showcase how your offerings stand out from big-box retailers or online marketplaces. Emphasize the value of shopping locally and supporting small businesses in your community.

2. Collaborate with Other Local Businesses - Reach out to complementary local businesses to create joint promotions or events. Cross-promote each other's products or services through social media and email campaigns. Consider organizing a pop-up market or a local business showcase to attract more customers.

3. Engage Customers with Special Offers and Incentives - Offer exclusive discounts, promotions, or special bundles for Small Business Saturday. Provide incentives for customers to return, such as a loyalty program or gift with purchase. Create a sense of urgency by highlighting limited-time offers or quantities available.

4. Update Your Website - Update your website with Small Business Saturday banners or promotional messages. 

5. Use social media platforms to share sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes, and client testimonials.

6. Send targeted email campaigns to your subscriber list, emphasizing the importance of supporting local businesses.

Small Business Saturday is an incredible opportunity for small businesses to shine and connect with their communities.  Celebrate and support local businesses on Small Business Saturday and beyond. Remember, every purchase has the power to make a difference in your community!

And don’t forget to use daily holidays as well. Daily holidays are great to wish your followers a happy holiday or to show behind the scenes how you celebrate it. 

  • Share recipes for favorite dishes served on the holiday
  • Give tips on how to decorate for the holiday
  • Offer advice on entertaining during the holiday season
  • Share photos of employees or customers celebrating the holiday
  • Run a contest related to the holiday
  • Offer a discount on products or services related to the holiday

Holidays are an easy way to share November social media ideas.

Use Templates to Boost Your November Content Marketing Strategy

Templates are incredibly valuable. They not only save time but also ensure consistent branding, which plays a crucial role in building brand recognition. Take advantage of templates for your social media posts, blog articles, and emails. Canva is an excellent tool that simplifies the creation and utilization of templates.

Save Time with Templates - Templates eliminate the need to start from scratch for each piece of content and provide a pre-designed framework that you can easily customize with relevant text, images, and branding elements.

By utilizing templates, you can expedite the content creation process and allocate more time to other essential tasks.

Consistent Brand and Brand Recognition with Templates - Ensure a consistent visual identity across your social media, blog posts, and emails. With a unified look and feel, your audience will quickly recognize your brand, reinforcing brand recognition and awareness.

Consistent branding also helps to establish credibility and professionalism.

Match Templates to November's Theme and Promotions - Leverage your chosen theme or product for November to create templates that reflect your brand. Incorporate relevant visuals, colors, and messaging that resonate with the season or specific campaigns.

Ensure your templates showcase the unique aspects of your offer and captivate your audience's attention.

By planning in advance, you can stay organized and have a clear vision for your promotions, themes, and campaigns throughout the year. Use resources like the 2023 Business Planner to map out your strategies and streamline your processes. With well-designed templates and a strategic approach, you can enhance your productivity and maintain a cohesive brand image in November and beyond.

Save Time and Stay Ahead: Embrace Batch Creation for November's Content

Avoid the pitfall of creating individual posts or images one by one. Batching your content creation process is not only more efficient but also boosts productivity, consistency, frequency, and cohesiveness. Personally, I allocate two days for content creation: one day for writing posts and another day for crafting graphics, both for my blog and social media, as well as scheduling. You can find more details about my process here. 

If you can't work too far ahead, aim for at least a 15-day buffer. Start batch creating content for November at least two weeks in advance. Don't wait until November 1st to kickstart your creation process. Leveraging tools like Canva can streamline your graphics creation during batching sessions. 

Dedicating specific blocks of time to focus on creating multiple posts and graphics at once, you can enhance your workflow, maintain frequency, and ensure cohesiveness across your blog and social media platforms. 

Leverage the 2023 Business Planner to plan and outline your content strategy for November, ensuring you have a clear direction and purpose.

November Email Newsletter Ideas

In addition to sharing your November blog posts with your email subscribers you can also reach out with holiday sales. 

Here are 3 email ideas for the month of November:

  • Thanksgiving Gratitude Newsletter: Sharing the Joy of Giving Thanks - Send a heartfelt email to your subscribers expressing gratitude and appreciation during the Thanksgiving season. Share your own gratitude for their support and highlight the importance of gratitude in our lives. Encourage them to reflect on what they're thankful for and encourage them to share their thoughts and stories of gratitude.
  • Exclusive Black Friday Preview: Get Ready for Amazing Deals! - Build anticipation for the upcoming Black Friday sales by sending an exclusive email to your subscribers. Offer them a sneak peek of the deals and discounts they can expect, highlighting any special promotions or limited-time offers. Include a call-to-action to encourage them to stay tuned for further updates and reminders as the big day approaches.
  • Fall Self-Care Tips: Nurturing Your Mind, Body, and Soul - With the changing season and the busy holiday period, send an email focused on self-care and well-being. Provide tips and suggestions for taking care of oneself during the fall season, such as practicing mindfulness, maintaining a healthy routine, or engaging in soothing activities. Share any relevant products or services you offer that can support their self-care journey.

Use your email as a two way communication. Share what you are working on and solicit feedback. Personalize the emails and segment your audience if possible and use A/B testing for subject lines. 

Make the Most out of Videos in November

Social media platforms are placing greater emphasis on video content. Now is the perfect opportunity to take center stage and make video marketing a core component of your content strategy.

Here are video marketing ideas to consider in November:

1. How-To Videos: Share valuable how to tutorial of your products or the tools you use. Demonstrate step-by-step processes, provide helpful tips, and offer practical advice.

2. Behind-the-Scenes Studio Setup/Video Shooting: Showcase your studio setup, your lighting setup and tools or your tips and tricks for audio. People are interested in what's in the sauce and want to know how it's made. 

3. Compare and Review Videos - Select a product, service, or book that is relevant to your audience and create a video comparison review. Make comparisons and have a clear winner. 

4. Interview Videos - Record an interview with an industry expert, founder of a startup, niche influencer or community leader. 

Create a list of social media and video ideas  for November. 

You can create a series of short videos (15-30 seconds) around your theme for November

You can do quick lives showing you celebrating and participating in November holidays. 

Do a quick sales video of your promotion for the month or demonstrating your product. 

By embracing video marketing, you can leverage the visual appeal and engaging nature of videos to captivate your audience, convey your brand message effectively, and stand out from the competition in November and beyond.

November Blog Post Ideas 

Develop a weekly blog post series consisting of four posts, aligning with your November theme and ideal for a weekly newsletter.

Use the November theme you created as inspiration for generating engaging blog post ideas. Ensure each post contributes to the overall theme and provides value to your target audience.

Here are 3 blog ideas for the month of November:

  • Preparing for the Holiday Season: A Guide to Stress-Free Celebrations - This blog post can provide tips and strategies for planning and organizing holiday gatherings, managing finances, and reducing stress during the busy holiday season. You can offer advice on creating schedules, budgeting, gift ideas, and self-care practices.
  • The Importance of Gratitude: Cultivating Thankfulness in November - In this blog post, explore the significance of gratitude during the month of November. Discuss the benefits of practicing gratitude, share personal stories, and provide tips on incorporating gratitude into daily life. Offer gratitude journaling prompts or gratitude exercises for readers to try.
  • Navigating Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Smart Shopping Strategies - With the holiday shopping season in full swing, create a blog post that offers practical tips and strategies for navigating the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Provide advice on finding the best deals, creating a shopping plan, and staying organized during the busy shopping period. Include online shopping tips for Cyber Monday as well.

Enhance the blog series by creating a valuable content upgrade related to the theme. This can take the form of a checklist, e-book, or any other content format that suits your niche. Use tools like Canva to design visually appealing and informative content upgrades.

Explore potential affiliate opportunities that align with your November blog post series. Identify products, services, or resources that complement your content and can be promoted to monetize your blog, newsletter, and social media. This can include affiliate partnerships or sponsored content.

By incorporating these strategies, you can create a cohesive and engaging blog post series, provide additional value through content upgrades, and explore monetization opportunities through strategic affiliate partnerships.

November presents a multitude of opportunities to infuse your content marketing strategy with creativity and relevance. By tapping into the abundance of social media holidays and post ideas available, you can engage your audience, increase brand visibility, and drive engagement.

With over 40 November social media holidays, video, email, and post ideas, I hope this wealth of inspiration will fuel your content creation. 

As you plan your November 2023 content marketing strategy, keep in mind the importance of aligning your content with your brand values and target audience preferences. Craft engaging and compelling posts that speak directly to your followers, providing value, entertainment, and a sense of connection.

To further streamline your content planning and ensure a successful quarter ahead, consider investing in the Quarter 4 Success Kit – 90 Day Content Marketing Planner. This comprehensive tool is designed to help you stay organized, maximize productivity, and unleash your creativity. With customizable templates, goal tracking, and strategic planning features, the Quarter 4  – 90 Day Content Marketing Planner is your secret weapon for a successful content marketing strategy.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make the most of November's social media holidays and post ideas. Start planning and creating your content now, and watch your engagement and reach soar to new heights. Take the first step towards a successful Q4 by grabbing your copy of the Q4  – 90 Day Content Marketing Planner today!

Remember, strategic planning and thoughtful execution are the keys to achieving your content marketing goals. Embrace the power of timely and relevant content, and watch your brand thrive in the digital landscape.

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