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In 2023 I decided to get serious about SEO on this blog and made the switch to Rank Math Pro. After years of using Yoast SEO which is the go-to plugin I found that Rank Math Pro has many features that Yoast SEO includes as additional add-ons or does not have.


Reasons for Swithcing from Yoast SEO to Rank Math Pro

Why would someone consider making the switch from the familiar and established Yoast SEO to the relatively newer Rank Math Pro? 

Rank Math Pro has positioned itself as a robust, feature-rich SEO plugin, offering extensive functionalities that surpass those found in the basic versions of Yoast. From enhanced schema markup support to advanced WooCommerce SEO capabilities, Rank Math Pro covers a broader spectrum of SEO aspects, making it an attractive choice for businesses with diverse needs. 

Rank Math Pro includes:

  • Google Autocomplete Suggestions
  • Redirection (Redirect Manager)*
  • WooCommerce SEO*
  • Video SEO*
  • Podcast SEO
  • Schema*
  • Image SEO
  • and more

*Additional paid features in Yoast

** Another plugin with Yoast

I really liked that Rank Math tools and modules are optional. I decided to keep the Redirection plugin instead of using the one included in Rank Math. 

Rank Math

When I decided to get serious about SEO, I realized the limitations of Yoast and that I would need to add additional plugins such as Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP), Schema, and Redirection among others. With Rank Math I was able to continue to keep my plugins to a minimum. 

Rank Math Pro  boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced users. Its well-organized dashboard and easy-to-understand settings simplify the SEO optimization process, reducing the learning curve.

The Rank Math Content Analysis is similar to Yoast SEO but I like the interface better. Yoast ranks your content "bad" ,"ok", "good" while Rank Math scores your content out of 100. Rank Math also does a readability analysis. The Rank Math ranking and  analysis is clear and makes it easy to implement changes. 

Rank Math Content Analysis

Here is a great post The Complete SEO Checklist on getting started with SEO.

Rank Math is faster and has less bloat. It was also super easy to migrate Yoast SEO data and settings to Rank Math. 

Note: You still need to review and customize modules and settings.

Rank Math Pro Provides Comprehensive SEO Analysis

While Yoast provides valuable on-page analysis, Rank Math Pro takes it a step further with its advanced SEO analysis capabilities. Its detailed SEO audit tool provides comprehensive insights into website performance, keyword optimization, and content readability.

Rank Math SEO Analysis

Rank Math Pro pulls analytics directly form Google Search Console and let you know if metrics increase or decrease over time. 

The built-in SEO performance tracking allows me to monitor my website's progress over time, enabling me to make decisions based on real time results. 

Rank Math SEO

Rank Math Pro Schema

Part of getting serious about SEO means adding schema to content to add rich snippets or star rating within SERP results.

Rank Math Pro has 16+ different schema types including: 

  • product
  • service
  • review 
  • FAQ 
  • video 
Rank Math Schema

Rank Math Pro Image SEO

Rank Math will automatically add alt attributes to images. This automation saves time.

  • Add No-Follow attributes to images
  • Redirect images/attachments to root page
  • Add missing ALT attributes
  • Add missing TITLE attributes
Rank Math Image SEO

Rank Math Pro is Customizable

One standout feature of Rank Math Pro is its flexibility and customization options. Unlike Yoast, which has limitations in its free version, Rank Math Pro offers more control over individual page optimizations, allowing me to set advanced SEO parameters tailored to my specific requirements. 

I like the flexibility of being able to fine-tune SEO settings on a per-page basis, which makes optimization easier. I can use Rank Math to distiguih my offers from my posts, and products and include Schema. 

Rank Math Pro is Affordable 

While both Yoast and Rank Math have free versions, the Pro version of Rank Math offers a competitive edge in terms of pricing. The cost-effectiveness of Rank Math Pro, coupled with its comprehensive feature set, makes it an appealing choice for my multiple websites without breaking the bank.

Rank Math Pro powerful solution to elevate my website's search engine visibility. Since I added it in June I have seen an increase in impressions, traffic and my rank on Google. 

Switching From Yoast to Rank Math

Step 1 - Download Rank Math Plugin

Rank Math Plugin Download

Step 2 - Sign Up for Free Rank Math and Connect Your Account

Rank Math Account

Step 3 - Begin the Rank Math Start Wizard

Rank Math Setup WIzard

Step 4 - Import Data From Yoast (and Redirections if applicable)

Rank Math Setup Importer - Yoast Migration

Step 5 - Configure Rank Math Settings

  • Enable modules 
  • Check your breadcrumbs
  • Fill out social profiles
Rank Math Modules

Step 6 - Delete Yoast

Step 7 - Customize Rank Math

  • Add schema to posts
Rank Math Settings

While Yoast SEO has long been a favorite for not only my websites but clients websites, Rank Math Pro is a  formidable competitor in the realm of SEO plugins. The decision to switch from Yoast to Rank Math Pro came down to the specific needs of my websites and a more comprehensive and customizable SEO solution.

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