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Stepping into 2024 with big plans and goals. Ready to take your website to the next level in 2024? Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just dipping your toes in, one thing's for sure: setting clear website goals is the first step to success. 


Website markeitng goals revolve around three key pillars: increasing traffic, boosting sales, and growing your subscriber base. 

In previous years the buzz was all about how effective ads work. Facebook ads, Google ads and the genius of retargeting pixels (when you visit a website once and start seeing ads everywhere).

Many people put optimizing and marketing their website to the back burner. You can use your website to build your business with a little more work and it’s less expensive. Building organic traffic is more sustainable.

Website Goals

Why You Should Have Website Goals

Just like you created your 2024 business and marketing plan, you also need to create a website plan. Your website goals are aligned with your business and marketing goals and an extension of what you want to achieve in 2024.

How can your website help you accomplish your business goals?

  • Set realistic goals and objectives.
  • Make them measurable - always use numbers.
  • Set deadlines - what do you want to achieve by the end of the year? Break them down into mini-goals or progress goals. By first quarter you want to have 50 more subscribers. By mid-year you want to have doubled that number. You can even break them down into monthly goals.

First review your website and get familiar with your website statistics.
Do a quick website analysis to look at your traffic history, conversion and subscriber rates and your sales.
This will give you a big picture view of your history - what you have achieved?
Look at your current stats to see where you can improve and what’s possible as you set your website goals.

Next set your Website Objective
What is your main focus for 2024?

  • Drive traffic - you can get more sponsorship opportunities and increase ad revenue and sales
  • More sales - increase purchases, spend, and frequency; launch more products
  • Increase subscribers - build out your list to increase conversion and build loyalty

Let’s break out the top 3 goals and provide ways to achieve them.

Goal #1 - Increase Traffic

Increase Traffic by 10% by June
Have 3,000 visitors a day by April

Use Content to Boost Traffic

Before you write your blog posts do your SEO research - what are people looking for?

  • Create lengthier posts
  • Increase posting - if you only blog once a month, make it twice a month
  • Create evergreen posts - posts that stay relevant

Use Social Media to Drive Traffic

Facebook - Post on your page, in your own groups and other groups you belong to. Post with an optimized Facebook image (size 1200 x 628 px)

LinkedIn - Post on your company page, your group and your status update

Twitter - Tweet 3 ways using different hashtags

  • Tweet with a twitter optimized image (size 1200 x 675 px) and link
  • Tweet with just tittle and link
  • Tweet with a brief summary and link

Pinterest - 25 Pins
Create 25 different Pinterest optimized images (size 1000 x 1500 px)  that target different keywords.

Announce your blog post with an awesome Instagram optimized image (size 1080 x 1080 px)
Change your link in bio or use an app like linktr.ee or linkinprofile

Guest Blogging
Have a guest blogging plan for 2024.

Try Later to to plan and schedule you social media posts in advance to ensure that your social media accounts are consistently active and engaging.

Goal # 2 - Increase Sales

Increase conversion rate by 2% by May
Sell 30 widgets everyday by the end of the month
Sell out my course (15 spots) before launch date June

Optimize Product Pages

First and foremost ensure your product and service pages are search engine optimized.

Next let them be shareable and add social sharing tools to your website. [WordPress plugins Social Warfare]

  • Add reviews and testimonials to pages as soon as you get them.
  • Have a call to action that converts
  • Spruce up product pages with new images - better quality images and images showing people using the product
  • Increase order size by effectively using upsells

How easy is it to buy from your website?

  • Are there more than 2 steps?
  • Are your products hard to find?
  • Review your shipping costs - is it hindering your sales?
  • How long does it take the product to reach the customer?
  • How can you decrease abandoned cart rates (use an app to find out why people are abandoning their carts?)

Make promoting a priority

  • Use your mailing list to promote your products and services
  • Increase promotion with social media and and ads (set up retargeting ads)

Increase engagement

Get them to stay longer on your website, review more pages and share your posts

Goal # 3 - Increase Subscribers

Get 200 leads by the end of the month
Increase email signups by 10%

Better landing pages

List benefits and touch on pain points. Ensure your call to action stands out.

Use popovers and exit pop ups.

Use Thrive Leads to build better landing pages and track conversion. 

Better offers

Showcase value and make it clear how can you make their life better.

  • Use Search Engine Optimization research to find what they want and need.
  • Get feedback from comments and email
  • Survey to find ask them what they want
  • Use content upgrades

Nurture your list

  • Offer amazing content
  • Don’t just sell
  • Get feedback
  • Make your emails shareable

Offer online support

  • Live chat
  • FAQ page
  • Terms and Conditions
To achieve your 2024 goals you need to educate, inform and inspire your visitors.

Prioritize goals aimed at increasing traffic, sales, and subscribers, to set the stage for a website that not only thrives but also evolves with the changing needs of your audience.

Write down your website goals and revisit to ensure you are on track. Set quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. Take action everyday towards your goals and you will start seeing results.

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