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An Empowerpreneur is an entrepreneur that empowers others. You don’t just sell products and services, you also empower your clients. Through your work you give power to your clients to achieve.

You are an Empowerpreneur if:

1. You Have Purpose: The work you do is a — of how you plan to impact the world.

2. You are Genuine: You want to genuinely help your clients.

3. You Educate: You are a natural educator. You have always been a teacher at heart that’s why it’s easy to transition what you do into a coach, author and/or speaker.

4. You Empower: You help your clients find the power within to help themselves.

5. You Give: You understand the benefit of giving that allows you to receive

6. You Lead: You want to use your Empowerpreneur business as a platform for change and you also want to lead a movement.

7. You Know Your Stuff: Not only are you considered an expert in what you do you are continuously learning, and improving your craft.

8. You Know Your Client: You know who your preferred client is and you take the time to understand the needs of each individual client. You also take the opportunity to build long lasting relationships with clients.

9. You Love: You love what you do and you love helping others.

10. You See: You have a vision for your Empowerpreneur business, yourself and you your clients. You are continuously inventing ways to better help your client.

Are you an Empowerpreneur? Add to the list – what makes you an Empowerpreneur?

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