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Entrepreneurs you don't have to do it all alone and the truth is you can't. No small business becomes a big business without help.

It takes a team to scale your business.

Here are 6 steps to help you build your dream team.


Many business owners hesitate to outsource or hire that first employee because the truth is building a team can be stressful.

  • How can you know who to trust? 
  • Where will you find the time to train?
  • What if you can’t afford to outsource?

The list of questions can go on and paralyze you from taking that next step. 

But don't let the doubt stop you from turning your business into a 6- or even 7-figure empire. 

How to Build Your Dream Team

3 Steps to Build Your Dream Team

Congratulations you decided to start building your team and take your business to the next level. Here are 3 steps to consider before you hire: 

1. Know Your Personal Work Style & Preferences

Not everyone works in the same way. Some people like me prefer email and project management software while others prefer a personal touch and would rather a phone call or zoom meeting. Some people require more direction and  step-by-step guidance, others work better when they can figure it out on their own.

No way is right or wrong, but if you’re a phone person and you hire an email lover, there’s going to be conflict.

Look for team members who are a fit with your preferred work style, and you’ll be much happier with the end result.

2. Make a Commitment to Building the Best Team

Hiring a team takes time. Not only do you have to spend time looking for the right person, interviewing several candidates, and onboarding your final choice, but you also have to train your new team member.

Remember, no matter how skilled they might be, they have never worked in your business, so there will be a learning curve. Encourage your new team member to ask questions, and take the time to answer carefully. Expect mistakes—at least in the beginning—and build enough time in your schedule to allow for fixing them.

The effort and time you put in up front is well worth it when you have a team you can count on.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Cut Ties

Not everyone you hire will be a good fit. As a Empowerpreneur, it’s up to you to do the right thing for your business growth, your sanity and stress levels to admit when it's not working out. Sometimes that means moving on from a relationship that’s not working and letting a team member go.

Remember, it’s business, not personal. Sometimes even the best-looking applicant turns out to be all wrong, and that’s okay. Take what you’ve learned from the experience, and use that knowledge for the next hire.

Finally, start small. You may dream of the four hour work week and taking off the whole summer it’s unrealistic to think you can go from 12-hour days to stress free entrepreneurship in a few short weeks.

Start by hiring one person to take on the tasks you most dislike, then slowly grow your team and their responsibilities. Eventually, you’ll be left with only the work you truly want to do (and that you enjoy) and your business will run even more smoothly.

3 Easy Ways to Manage Your Dream Team

Now that you have started to build your team the next step is managing your team and providing the right leadership.

4. Be There When Your Dream Team Needs You

Not only do you want to be available when your team needs you, you also want to be aware when they need help too. 

Leadership means being there when times are hard…whether they ask or not. If you see someone on your team struggle, get in there and offer your support. Reaching out and letting someone know you care can make all the difference in how well they cope during a tough time. 

5. Celebrate Your Dream Team Wins 

Great leaders celebrate big wins and small wins. Your genuine enthusiasm for other people’s success will only make yours stronger.

Get excited about your business and your team successes and genuinely congratulate and celebrate with them. Acknowledge when your team member does a good job. Share when their efforts have good results. Reward success within the team.

6. Lift Your Dream Team Members Up

Sometimes people take a fall. Be willing and able to step in if your team members fall. Offer encouragement and help if needed. You can assist in practical ways and provide support in meaningful ways.

The best leaders are consistent and considerate. Take the time to develop human resource policies and procedures so you are consistent. Be consistent in how you manage and engage with your team.

Be considerate, remember your team has lives outside your business and stress just like you. Take the time to learn how to be a better leader and the results will show in your dream team.

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