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Are you ready to take your speaking business to the next level? Whether you are a motivational speaker, keynote speaker or trainer all speakers do these three things.

 Here are three things that successful speakers do that others don't.


When you started your speaking business, you probably envisioned a flexible profitable lifestyle, travelling to awesome places and meeting new and exciting people all the time.

The reality probably didn't line up that exact way. The reality is that the first few years you were overworked, stressed and underpaid. Throw in the shut down and your business probably suffered until you were able to transition to online speaking opportunities. 

Successful speakers learn very quickly the keys to a successful speaking business. 

  1. Organization, Automation and Systems in Your Speaking Business
  2. Building a Speaking Business Team
  3. Grow Your Speaking Business

1. Get Your Speaking Business Organized

What are your daily planning routines in your speaking business? Do you build planning into your daily activities? Do you use to-do-lists? Do you prioritize? Do you spend most of your day on repetitive tasks? Do you use apps and online tools to help you manage your business? 

If you are not planning your week or your day you will notice that things will fall by the wayside.

No matter how many tools I use online I still love to use paper and pen for planning and scheduling. 

I developed the #SpeakingWorld Journals and Trackers for those of us that still like to plan old school. 

Use the journals and trackers to organize your business and life:

  • Speaking Weekly Journal - 52 Week Goal Setting Planner and Organizer with Inspirational Quotes for Your Speaking Business
  • Speaking Intention Journal - 12 Week Intention Journal for Your Speaking Business 
  • Speaking Journal - 52 Week Guided Journal for Your Speaking Business - business prompts and affirmations
  • Speaking Motivational - 365 days of motivational speaking business prompts
  • Speaking Notebook - blank notebook perfect for journalling or visualizing. Makes a perfect gift for your audience
  • Speaking Travel Journal - Plan and journal your next business trip or vacation
  • Speaking Reading Journal - Keep track of the books you read and would like to read.
  • Speaking Income and Expense Tracker - Track your multiple streams of income
  • Speaking Password Tracker - keep all your passwords in one place

Use these tools to grow your speaking business.

Always look for ways to improve your systems. Old systems and apps become obsolete and no longer efficient. What if there is something better? What if there is a way to make your life as a speaker easier?

If you are not planning and scheduling your day you are probably reactive. A last minute speaking gig appears and you are ready to drop everything. Being reactive means speaking gigs are few and far between.

As a professional speaker your speaking gigs are planned months in advance. You are booked solid for the next 3 months. 

Running a successful speaking business is all about creating systems that work. As your business grows, keep on systematizing and developing new processes till your business runs like a brand new airplane. Whether you use Speaking Journals and Trackers or an app, organize your day, your business and your team.

Speaking Journals and Trackers are for:

  • Professional speaker
  • Motivational speaker
  • Transformational speaker
  • Seminar leader
  • Workshop facilitator
  • Trainer
  • Moderator
  • Thought leader
  • Entertainer
  • Emcee
  • Keynote speaker
  • Educational speaker
  • Business speaker
  • Activist speaker
  • Advocate speaker
  • Industry speaker
  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • And more...
Speaker Journals, Planners and Trackers

2. Build Your Dream Speaking
Business Team

Once you have the right systems in place the next evolution is to build your dream team. 

When you start as a professional speaker using a Google Workspace or Microsoft Office is all you need to run your business, but as your business grows it's easy to become overwhelmed keeping track of all the moving pieces. 

You become overworked and unmotivated, and your speaking business becomes stagnate. 

Creating a dream team of others with expertise you can leverage adds value to your business and enables you to grow your speaking business.

You want to work with people that bring their expertise in addition to meshing well with you and your business. The right people will help your business grow and succeed.

Things that are good to outsource include:

  • Business admin tasks
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Areas of your business you don’t enjoy or feel unskilled in
  • Behind-the-scenes processes such as mailings, outreach and followup
  • Anything that requires specialized skills you don’t have

Take the time to find the right person, appreciate them and give them reasons to stay. Let them help you grow your business.

Remember, your business is as good as your team.

With the right team you actually have free time you can use for some quality self-care. You can now:

  • Have a date night with your significant other
  • Plan regular leisure activities
  • Have time for hobbies
  • Make time for reading
  • Travel more

3. Grow Your Speaking Business with Product and Services

Most speakers start off with speaking locally and soon get more opportunities to travel. Between travel, preparation, creating new content it's easy to become submerged and feel like you are drowning.

You can scale by offering group programs in addition to other products and services.

The goal is to have multiple streams of income with passive income streams.

Every speaker should be working on these 7 income streams:

  1. Increase speaking income
  2. Group coaching
  3. Published book
  4. Workbooks, planners and templates*
  5. Courses*
  6. Membership*
  7. Merchandise*

* Passive income

Start booking paid speaking gigs. Transition from free to paid and get paid to get in front of an audience. You can also host your own workshops and webinars.

Create group coaching programs. Expand your signature talk into a group coaching program where you can take on a small number of students for a more personal touch or welcome hundreds of students a month in a more automated program.

In addition to group coaching you can also offer different levels of products and services. 

Read the 10 Best Ways to Promote an Event Online

Write and publish that book that will 10x your business. Turn your signature talk into a book.

Offer workbooks, planners and templates based on your signature talk. This is a great way to generate passive income, offer bonuses and move your customers through your funnel.

Offer a self-study course. Use your specialized knowledge, research questions you’ve received from subscribers, clients, followers and customers, and create an online course. Once you record the course and create learning collateral (workbooks, bonuses, swipe files, etc.) your target can sign up at any time and learn at their own pace.

Start a membership program. If you already have an active customer/fan base or Facebook group, funnel them into a membership program, complete with exclusive resources and a monthly webinar.

Group programs, courses and membership programs create recurring, regular income. Would you rather be booked solid for 6 months no breaks in between… or have people accessing your six-month course and paying you a regular monthly sum for that six months?

Offer  merchandise. A quick and easy way to promote your brand is to sell merch - apparel (t-shirts, hoodies and more), notebooks, mugs, and other accessories. 

You can also print your sayings, philosophies and slogans on your merch. Check out my Empowerpreneur swag.

Merchandise can be a passive income stream if you go with print on demand services like Printify or Printful.

These passive income streams are awesome - once the work is done, you can sit back and sell these products for years to come.

All that's left is to promote these products and many speakers find  promoting easier once up on the stage.

Grow your funnel as you perform in front of bigger and bigger audiences. Allow people to work through your funnel. Not only do you want people to buy what you offer but you also want people to come out and see you again and again.

Consider your product library as a separate branch in your business, one which works in the background while you focus on your speaking.

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