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Spring is a time to reset and refresh. When I think of spring I think of new beginnings and new growth. 

Take this spring to look back on the last few months and see what was working and what was not. 

Release what is no longer working for you in business and your personal life. Reset your business. 


Spring Challenge

Spring Challenge

This spring, challenge yourself to look for new avenues and be more efficient. Just because it works, it does not mean it's the best option. Reflect on the past few months of where you know you could have done more and be more. Rise to the challenge of wanting better and being better. 

Spend more time on spring activities with the kids. Get the Spring Planner for Kids to plan your days with your children doing fun activities and getting out of the house.

Spring Mindful Challenge

I challenge entrepreneurs to take time from their busy schedule and check off some of the things from the Spring Challenge List. Post on social media using #springchallenge

When you become mindful, life starts looking brighter and you feel more relaxed and refreshed. Refresh your life one step at a time. Start with your workspace and move on to the rest of your office.

Remove clutter, junk and anything that no longer serves you. This includes software and subscriptions you no longer use. Redecorate your office, let it reflect the lighter, brighter you.

Once you complete your office move to other areas of your home a do an actual deep clean.  

Spring Gratitude Challenge

Complete a gratitude challenge. Over the warmer spring days find 1-3 things to be grateful for each day and write it in a journal or grab your copy of the Spring Challenge . Shift your focus to gratitude and hope. 

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. — Audrey Hepburn

Post on social media using #springchallenge 

 Spring Planner For Kids

- Undated Calendar: March, April, and May
- Weekly Planner
- Daily Planner
- Spring Bucket List

- Spring Gratitude
- Spring Reading List
- Monthly Activity Planner
- Indoor and Outdoor Planner
- Family Activity Planner
- Me Time Planner
- Spring Shopping List
- Spring Journal Pages

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