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This fall take a step back and use media less. For the 2022 Fall Challenge I challenge you to find a fall activity. Get back to the things you liked to do as a child, find a new hobby. Take time to be mindful and be active.


Fall Activities

What activities can you enjoy by yourself and with your family?

1. Try Crafting. Are you a crafter or creator? I few years ago I tried crocheting while my sister took up knitting. I have not really made anything of significance but I find it calming and it helps me remain in the moment. Knitting and crocheting have become very popular in the last 20 years and is a way to create practical and useful household or clothing items. 

If you are a crafter or creator be grateful for these amazing skills and pass it on to someone else. Give thanks for nimble fingers, a patient brain, your ability to visualize and actualize your craft.

2. Get Back to Home Cooking. Comfort foods never go out of style and are a great pick me up after a long day.

Try creating healthy home cooked meals with natural ingredients. Use treasured recipes passed down from generations and teach your children how to cook. 

3. Host a Skill Development Workshop. Use the fall season as an opportunity to focus on skill development. Host workshops or training sessions that help your clients improve their techniques, strategies, and overall performance. Fall is often a transitional period between seasons, making it an ideal time for honing skills.

Use the Fall Challenge to plan fun fall activities for yourself and the whole family. Post on social media using #fallchallenge

fall challenge - free optin

Fall Gratitude Challenge

Complete a gratitude challenge. Over the cool autumn days find 1-3 things to be grateful for each day and write it in a journal or grab your copy of the Fall Challenge. Shift your focus to gratitude.

Gratitude is the key to happiness and abundance.

Post on social media using #fallgratitude

Fall Challenge

Here are three fall challenges you can do with yourself, your team or with clients. 

1. Fall Self Care Challenge - Promote work-life balance and mental well-being among clients during a this busy season.

  • Weekly self-care check-ins where clients set and track self-care goals, such as exercise routines, relaxation techniques, or mindfulness practices.
  • Provide resources and guides on managing stress, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and preventing burnout.
  • Host virtual group sessions focused on stress management, time management, or work-life balance strategies tailored to the fall season's demands.

2. Fall Business Growth Challenge - Help clients boost their business growth and productivity as they approach the end of the year.

  • Weekly goal-setting sessions to establish specific growth targets.
  • Monthly progress reviews to track achievements and make necessary adjustments.
  • Workshops or webinars on topics such as marketing strategies for the holiday season, financial planning, or time management.

3. Fall Networking Challenge - Facilitate connections and expand clients' professional networks.

  • Organize networking events, mixers, or virtual meetups for clients to connect with other professionals in their industry.
  • Challenge clients to reach out to a certain number of potential partners, collaborators, or mentors each week.
  • Encourage clients to attend industry conferences or trade shows during the fall season to build relationships and stay updated on trends.

These are fall challenges you can do on your own to grow your business and promote self care. You make these a team projects or offer these fall challenges to your clients. #fallchallenge

Fall Planner For Kids

- Undated Calendar: September, October, and November
- Weekly Planner
- Daily Planner
- Fall Bucket List

- Fall Gratitude List
- Fall Reading List
- Monthly Activity Planner
- Indoor and Outdoor Planner
- Family Activity Planner
- Me Time Planner
- Fall Packing List
- Fall Journal Pages

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