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It the final stretch of 2022 ! Get the 4th Quarter Content Marketing Planner. 

Plan your content marketing for the fourth quarter. The Success Kit is a 72 page PDF quarterly marketing planner based on setting and achieving your goals with easy action steps, content and promotion ideas. The Success Kit is designed to build your confidence in marketing, making strategic planning, running promotions, and content creation easy and fun.


q4 content marketing planner 2022

This workbook is also a guide on creating, committing to and realizing your goals.

2022 4th quarter content planner

The first 3 sections are based on your annual marketing plan.

1. Use the Quarterly Planner as your big picture plan for the next 90 days. Outline your goals and objectives, the products and services you plan to promote as well as holiday sales. Use the Quarterly checklist to list your major marketing tasks. The Quarterly review areas will help you plan and 

october, november, december content marketing

2. The Monthly Planner is an overview of the month and your marketing strategy and tasks. Record your monthly goals and objectives and complete the monthly review at the end of each month.

october content marketing

3. The Promotional Planner is where you outline all your promotions for the following quarter:

  • Craft Your Promotion including all your assets and content 
  • Discount Sale
  • Customer Loyalty Sale
  • Bundle Sale
  • Contest/Giveaway 
  • Sponsorship
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Promo Calendar
q4 promotion planner

The next sections are your content planning sections.

4. Blog Planner

  • Blog Strategy
  • Blog Checklist
  • Blog Post Planner
  • Blog Series Planner
q4 blog planner

5. Social Media Planner

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Planner
  • Social Media Checklist
  • Social Media Tracker
  • BONUS: Social Media Posting Schedule
q4 social media planner

6.  Email Marketing Planner

  • Email Strategy
  • Email Campaign
  • Email Checklist

The last 3 sections are specific to each month in the quarter - 7.  October, 8. November, 9. December

  • Monthly Goals
  • Marketing Recommendations and To Dos
  • Blog Strategy with content suggestions
  • Social Media Strategy with content suggestions
  • Email Strategy with content suggestions
  • Monthly Dated Calendars
q4 marketing planner
content marketing 2022 bundle

New for 2022 - Content Marketing Bundle

  • 12 Month Content Marketing Planner January to December 2022
  • Plan for the Whole Year
    Get all four quarterly planners for one low price
  • Start Planning
    Social Media Planner, Email Planner, Blog Planner | Promotion Planner

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